Meeting of the Pseduonyms

doctor popular Meeting of the PseduonymsLook out, Brad Horowitz–the masses are organizing. Self-styled Doctor Popular, a game designer and blogger in San Francisco, was banned on Google+ two weeks ago for registering under his pseudonym. Trouble is, Google+ is now so integrated that its interrupted his use of other services: “I can’t access G+, or back it up using their “Data Liberation” thing. Also can’t use Reader anymore, which sucks because that’s my favorite social site, but Gmail still works for the time being.” That was two weeks ago. Tonight Mr. Popular is organizing a meetup in the Mission for fellow Google+ rejects.

Last week we had a small get together with banned G+ users and got to compare notes on our various experiences. I think we all got a lot out of the conversation so we wanted to do it again. We will be meeting tonight at 7:30pm in San Francisco’s Mission District. If you have gone through the experience of having your G+ (or any other Google services) suspended because of your identity and you would like to join us, please contact me for the location.

New York has plenty of vocal pseudonymity advocates–where’s our Banned by Google+ support group?