Mitt Romney’s Iowa Diet

While schmoozing around the Iowa State Fair today, Mitt Romney did more conspicuous eating-for-the-cameras than Calista Flockhart at a Yankees game.

Food is a great prop, right? Hand-held fair food is basically the opposite of national enemy arugula, and shoving it in one’s mouth buys some time before answering a question. It’s so charming it got us to blog about Mitt Romney!

So, what did the very hungry GOPillar eat his way through?

A pork chop on a stick.

mitt1 Mitt Romneys Iowa Diet

A corn dog.

mitt2 Mitt Romneys Iowa Diet

A hot dog.

mitt3 Mitt Romneys Iowa Diet

He was, sadly, not seen eating deep fried butter. Not that he shouldn’t! Debating burns calories. Speaking of which, we’re going to go tune in. We’re third-wheeling Bill and Emma Keller’s date night.

debate Mitt Romneys Iowa Dietdebate2 Mitt Romneys Iowa Diet
f you two have a debate drinking game, tweet it!