Mixed Messages: Early Reddit Employee Says He Co-Founded Reddit; Reddit Founders Say He Didn’t

Twenty-four-year old digital information activist and Reddit alumnus Aaron Swartz, in the news lately due to extreme charges of cyber crime, says on his website that he “co-founded the online news site Reddit.”

The problem? Reddit co-founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian don’t agree–and both sides cite the same Paul Graham quote as evidence.

Mr. Huffman, Mr. Ohanian and Mr. Swartz were members of the same Y Combinator class, where Mr. Huffman and Mr. Ohanian were working on Reddit and Mr. Swartz was working on a start-up called Infogami. According to Mr. Ohanian, Mr. Swartz joined the two founders six months into Reddit, and a new entity was formed called “Not A Bug,” the company that later sold to Conde Nast. Mr. Swartz is a co-founder of Not A Bug, says Mr. Ohanian, but it’s not accurate to call him a founder of Reddit. Read More


  1. E7lavya says:

    At least # co-founders < # at Paypal. Seems like half the folks in SV co-founded Paypal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe this ‘story’, and I use the term loosely, is still doing the rounds. Honestly, who cares? It’s just not news.