Christine O’Donnell Wonders Aloud About Obama’s Libido, Proximity to Interns

Last night, after her Piers Morgan walk-out, Christine O’Donnell spoke briefly at the Women’s National Republican Club about her memoir, Troublemaker, and about the virtue of pulling together and showing cohesiveness as a party going into the 2012 elections. “I told it in a way that some political advisors have said was a little too honest,” Ms. O’Donnell said, “and I probably shouldn’t have admitted some things.” She didn’t specify, instead striking back at perceived political enemies in the former Delaware Republican Party. “Dishonesty and trickery is not off the table for them,” she said of the party’s former leadership, whom she claimed had been fighting claims made in her book regarding their lack of support during the 2010 general election.

There is a double standard at work for women candidates, Ms. O’Donnell told The Observer: “In the 2008 campaign, no one would have dared ask Barack Obama, ‘How are you going to control your libido. You’re a strapping young man. What are you going to do around all those interns?’ But people can ask Michele Bachmann about her migraines.” Ms. O’Donnell is intrigued, so far, with Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry as presidential candidates, but would decline for now to make an endorsement. “If it gets close, and we need to wrap it up, then I might make an endorsement.” :: @DPD_