More Sunday Open Houses Called Off, Though Corcoran’s ‘Open House Day’ Still Looks to Be On (Updated)

Or are Babs and Co. just staying coyly mum?

Notifications of more cancellations for open houses on Sunday have trickled in as brokers seem to be facing the logistical reality that a city in total shut-down mode will not be able to utilize various mediums of conveyance—or cabs for that matter—to get to showings around the five boroughs.

But Corcoran, whose site is still touting “Open House Day” on Sunday, has not responded to any of The Observer’s questions about whether the brokerage is still planning on showing houses in a hurricane.

Hey, it’s a tough market out there…

Corcoran just gave us a tweet’s up and it looks like “Open House Day” is most definitely off for Sunday; “Hi Thornton, we’re just in the process of removing them from the site today. It’s safe to say they’ll all be canceled this weekend”