Morning Links: There Is No Such Thing as a Kardashian ‘Exclusive’

People threw down $1.5 million for the exclusive photos of Kim Kardashian’s wedding, but between internet leaks and a pre-existing deal with E!, much of it is already out there. [WWD]

Carlos Slim bought a couple more New York Times shares, presumably in order to finance Bill Keller’s going away party. [Decoder]

About the ICM deal with New York magazine, deputy editor Jon Gluck told WWD: “What we’ve tried to do in every case is be at or beyond the industry standard for what a writer is entitled to. We want the writers to share in any benefit we have, and that’s the simple bottom line.” At the New Yorker, however, writers own the copyright to all their work. [WWD]

About 120 people will get laid off as the Bay Area News Group “streamlines” and “rebrands” its papers. [Romenesko]

D’oh.  CNN reports on the rebel takeover in Tripoli, Lebanon. [Gawker]

While print journos were held captive in the hotel in the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, CNN’s Sara Sidner was on the street in a helmet and bulletproof vest. [The Wrap]