Morning Links: Tina Brown is ‘Leading from Behind’ Michele Bachmann’s Face

Joel Klein responded to David Carr’s News America Marketing column, which insinuated that Mr. Klein facilitated a News Corp. merger that many believed violated antitrust law, with a sarcastic letter to the editor of The New York Times.

H&M postponed their US e-commerce site, but will sell four looks from their fall collection on Elle magazine’s website, beginning today at noon, reports WWD.

The Washington Post should divest from Slate while they spin-off into something more attractive to venture capitalists, according to Paul Smalera.

Rick Perry’s presidential bid has put journalists from the two year-old journalism nonprofit Texas Tribune in the spotlight, reports Politico.

Tina Brown’s batty Newsweek covers have boosted newsstand sales and ad pages, according to Business Insider.

Michael Calderone on how the phrase “leading from behind” went from an Obama aide’s characterization of the president’s strategic humility (quoted anonymously by The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza) to the right wing pundit’s go-to description of Obama’s weakness.

Weather Channel reporters use condoms to keep their battery packs dry, reports Yahoo’s Cutline.