Morning Read: The Cuomo and Christie Hikes

love politics Morning Read: The Cuomo and Christie Hikes

The 2008 Obama -- McCain race is the setting for a new movie about star-crossed lovers.

Toll Hikes: “Cuomo, Christie reach deal on huge toll hikes.” [Jennifer Fermino / NY Post]

Toll Hikes: Cuomo and Christie propose $1.50 hike in September, 75-cent hikes in 2012 and 2015. $2 penalty for those paying cash. [Beth Defalco and Karen Zraick / AP]

Toll Hikes: “This is a responsible alternative that balances the infrastructure needs of the region with toll and fare payers’ economic realities,” said Cuomo and Christie. [Glenn Blain / Daily News]

Toll Hikes: “[N]ot a single one of the 12 politically connected bankers, lawyers and developers who govern the PA showed up at any of the eight toll and fare hearings this week.” [Daily News]

9/11: Christie wants Bloomberg to invite Port Authority chairman to anniversary. [Josh Margolin and David Seifman / NY Post]

9/11: “[S]ource close to Cuomo. ‘We’re going to give a speech in the middle of a reading? That’s just what we want to do, piss off 3,000 families.” [Glenn Blain and Jonathan Lemire / Daily News]

Campaign Money: $100,000 is new limit for donations to political parties. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Crown Heights: Sharpton withdraws from “State of Black-Jewish Relations.” [Andy Stolis / NY Post]

Niagara: State GOP sent mailer endorsing Dem in primary. [Mark Sheer / Niagara Gazette]

Niagara: The mailer. [Niagara Gazette]

Jobs: Growth in NYC. [Joseph de Avila / WSJ]

Labor: “We live in an era where corporate profits are growing at the expense of working people.” [Bill de Blasio / Daily News]

Taxes: Golisano willing to fight assessment on vacant mansion upstate. [Bennett Loudon / Democrat and Chronicle]

And the Obama–McCain campaign is the setting of a new movie about two people who shouldn’t fall in love, but do.

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