Ms. Bachmann, You Are a Bigot

"If Michele Bachmann really does believe what she says, if she really does speak from the heart as some observers contend, she is perhaps the most mean-spirited, bigoted presidential aspirant since George Wallace in 1968."

With the recent straw poll during the Iowa State Fair—a pseudo-event if ever there was one—the presidential campaign of 2012 has begun in earnest.

But that does not mean that the campaign has gotten serious. Not when a character like Michele Bachmann is running around with a claim to be the front-runner for the Republican Party’s nomination.

Such a campaign might be described as pathetic. But serious? Not unless the nation’s Republicans truly are prepared to turn back the clock to a time and a place when gay people were denied dignity and civil rights, when people with foreign-sounding names and backgrounds were considered suspect, and when American policymakers and ordinary citizens conducted their business as though the rest of the world simply didn’t exist—or wasn’t worthy of consideration.

In the aftermath of the congresswoman’s showing in Iowa, some pundits noted that Ms. Bachmann appeals to some Republican voters because she speaks from the heart and believes what she says. And that is precisely why it seems so difficult to describe her success as anything but a sad and tragic farce.

In recent interviews in The New Yorker and on the television talk shows, Ms. Bachmann made many things clear, not the least of which is that she considers gay people to be something less than human. She and her husband are invested in the notion that they can “convert” gay people from their despicable lifestyle (in their view) to good, red-blooded, all-American heterosexuality.

Needless to say, the congresswoman from Minnesota is not a big fan of gay marriage or, indeed, of any efforts to accord gay people the same rights, liberties and freedoms she celebrates in her tiresome rhetoric. This, perhaps, should not come as a surprise, given that she has associated with people who seem to think that African Americans were better off under slavery—because, you see, the gentle, well-meaning, white slaveholders helped keep slave families intact, except, of course, when there was profit to be made in selling off a mother, a father or a few children.

If Michele Bachmann really does believe what she says, if she really does speak from the heart as some observers contend, she is perhaps the most mean-spirited, bigoted presidential aspirant since George Wallace in 1968. Like Wallace did, Ms. Bachmann opposes civil rights (for blacks, in Wallace’s case; for gays, in Ms. Bachmann’s). Like Wallace did, she seeks to capitalize on anger and frustration by pointing the finger of blame at others—the possibly foreign-born black man in the White House; the gays who prey on the innocent and the pure; the secularists who believe in the separation of church and state.

Michele Bachmann is to 2012 what Wallace was to 1968—a vicious figure whose rhetoric is designed to inflame hatred and resentment. Her rise to prominence shows that the forces of reaction and intolerance remain powerful in certain parts of the country and in certain factions of the Republican Party.

They may yet prevail, but only if the Republican Party as a whole refuses to get serious.


  1. Poor says:

    geeee…this woman is going to be nobody soon…>LOL

    1. Ron Oppedahl says:

      i hope so………………….she needs to go to grace methodist


  2. Ron Oppedahl says:

    she takes us back to 1969………..i am sad to be born in iowa….we are better than this

  3. 27Reasons says:

    She’s hateful, ignorant, and a sure thing to lose to Obama if she gets the bid.

    RON PAUL 2012    (The only honest candidate, the only intelligent candidate.)

    1. Anonymous says:

      yes, Bachmann is a pretty airhead. Ron Paul sounds a little kooky, but he has proven to be right on so many issues. If he can tone down his message, I think he has a chance. His basic premise, get the govt off our backs and get America to stop trying to fix the world is resonating with people on a grass roots level.

  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. David_in_Houston says:

    You can add ‘lying hypocrite’ to your ‘bigot’ label. When confronted on her anti-gay positions, Ms. Bachmann claimed that she doesn’t judge anyone. This is coming from someone who created her political career by demonizing gay people, and was the leader in passing a constitutional amendment in Minnesota that bans same-sex marriage. She also wants a federal Constitution amendment to do the same. But she isn’t judging anyone, right? She also believes that sexual orientation is a choice, and that you can “pray the gay away”. (I’m guessing it worked for her husband.) She also believes that being gay is “part of Satan”, and that it’s a “very sad life”. (Except for the thousands of gay couples that recently got married in New York, who were anything but sad.) But let’s not have real world facts get in the way of Michelle’s infallible religious beliefs.

  6. I am at a loss whether she should be described as a vacuous vicious figure, or the other way around. She certainly is vacuous and, equally, vicious.

  7. I don’t know if she is a “vicious figure” more than a vacuous one. Certainly she is both. Whether either of them know it, many fancy that her husband is himself gay. Fits the GOP profile.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You know, at this point, I think Americans should be more concerned with who is going to get our spending under control and start creating jobs in this country – period, end of story. Frankly, if someone ran for office but had a problem with people with red hair, then who gives a crap. This gotcha BS on these idiotic issues like gay marriage take attention away from who is going to stop the decline of America. Who cares who slept with who, fix the damn country. Clinton got a BJ while he was president but he was the only one in the past 40 years who had a surplus – yet we elected that idiot Bush who got us into two wars and destroyed the economy.

  9. Ecalabrese says:

    The woman is dangerous and a real reactionary.
    She would probably reinstate segregation, and send gays off in box cars
    to concentration camps.My greatest problem with her though is her lack of separation of religion
    and politics.Her husband’s Elmer Gantry-like pontificating does nothing more than appeal to the basest fears and prejudices.

  10. Anonymous says:

    lol..sure she is a bigot but you only point it out because you want to encourage support for perry.

    you could care less how hatefull this woman is.