New Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Totally Cool With Emails From Possibly Stoned Tumblr Interns

Good news for late-night CEO stalkers who need a little substance assist before hitting the “send” button. It looks like Tim Cook is following Steve Jobs lead. Mr. Jobs famously sparred with Ryan Tate into the wee hours after the Valleywag blogger imbibed a Stinger cocktail–or possibly two. And now it looks like Mr. Cook is taking a similar no judgments approach.

Take for instance, Mr. Cook’s recent response to Ben Gold, who just started as an intern on Tumblr’s Community team on Monday. (Hence Mr. Gold’s recent posts regarding Topher Chris’ management style and John Maloney’s iChat log-in.) Over the weekend, before starting at his new post, Mr. Gold emailed Apple’s new CEO with some unsolicited advice. Although he can’t be certain, Mr. Gold allows for the possibility that he might have been stoned. Read More


  1. Ejd2 says:

    wow, and this guy Gold can get an intern position at Tumblr that so many smarter and less self-indulgent people would love to have…

    1. Nitasha Tiku says:

      I dunno about all that. I’d totally hire this kid. That was some zen advice he gave Cook.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For the record, I was not high at 6 in the afternoon. I was merely trying to come up with an excuse for my pathetic attempt to give advice to the new CEO of one of the largest corporations in the world.

    Full disclosure: I’ve only smoked twice in my life. I don’t care how uncool that makes me sound.

  3. Stop apologizing. It was good advice. Qualifying your response makes you look you don’t believe it was. With that said, maintain humility. Let haters hate. That’s what they’re there for. 

  4. My issue would be that he used the word “retarded”.  It’s 2011, grow up.