New Yorkers Typically Picky As They Prep For Hurricane By Invading Organic and Premium Groceries

We're (high maintainence) creatures of habit.

OF COURSE they did.

In the event you thought it would be a good idea to buy only the best of catastrophe provisions—thus limiting the chaos you’re sure to endure by visiting one of those more pedestrian grocery stores—think again.

Fairway, as New York Times dining critic Sam Sifton can attest, is mobbed:

Whole Foods has “freak out lines.” Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B (Via):

The notorious Park Slope Food Co-Op? Bet their shoppers won’t protest the selling of  Israeli products during a hurricane panic. There, people are “losing their collective minds”:

Let the smooth sounds of Puccini soothe you as you trample over the other Truffled Salt purchasers at the SoHo Dean & Deluca:

Just try not to die at the Brooklyn Trader Joe’s. There are enough Heat and Eat Falafels to go around! Or not:

Even your uber-local gourmet grocer isn’t safe from preparedness raiders. The ever-bougie Brooklyn Larder? But of course:

Back to the Upper West Side, well, it’s the entire neighborhood. Good luck up there:

Some people, however, have their #Priorities:


And now you know: even in an unsure pre-disaster state, New Yorkers are painfully discerning. We’re creatures of habit; snobby, self-righteous, overly-spoiled creatures of habit, but creatures of habit no less. Besides, some comforts you just can’t live without. |@weareyourfek