Nick Cannon, Anti-Bullying TeenNick Exec, Calls Christina Aguilera Fat

Nick Cannon (Patrick McMullan)

Nick Cannon (Patrick McMullan)

In today’s Observer, TeenNick network chairman and comedian Nick Cannon opens up about his history of picking feuds with celebrities (calling Eminem “Enema” and Chelsea Handler “white trash”), and compares his “standing up” to other stars as equivalent to anti-bullying lessons TeenNick ought to impart. “I don’t attack people, but I stand up for what I believe in. And I think that’s what we teach our viewers.”

Maybe so! Or maybe not. On his morning radio show yesterday, Mr. Cannon read off a list of reasons why Christina Aguilera might demand money for a personal appearance, including “Because Weight Watchers is expensive!” and, referencing Ms. Aguilera’s hit show The Voice, “To raise money for her new show, The Stomach!”

Lessons learned, teens! :: @DPD_

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