Nick Cannon, Anti-Bullying TeenNick Exec, Calls Christina Aguilera Fat

Nick Cannon (Patrick McMullan)

Nick Cannon (Patrick McMullan)

In today’s Observer, TeenNick network chairman and comedian Nick Cannon opens up about his history of picking feuds with celebrities (calling Eminem “Enema” and Chelsea Handler “white trash”), and compares his “standing up” to other stars as equivalent to anti-bullying lessons TeenNick ought to impart. “I don’t attack people, but I stand up for what I believe in. And I think that’s what we teach our viewers.”

Maybe so! Or maybe not. On his morning radio show yesterday, Mr. Cannon read off a list of reasons why Christina Aguilera might demand money for a personal appearance, including “Because Weight Watchers is expensive!” and, referencing Ms. Aguilera’s hit show The Voice, “To raise money for her new show, The Stomach!”

Lessons learned, teens! :: @DPD_


  1. gina says:

    He’s so low class to say those things about Christina Aguilera! Christina Aguilera your rock!

  2. kj says:

    Seriously? What a d-bag. How is this considered comedy or entertainment to anyone? Mocking any woman’s weight, never mind a woman who is also a mother, is disgusting. Christina Aguilera of all people? Why are people acting like she’s morbidly obese all of a sudden? What a great example he is setting for other young women. Like giving young girls terrible body issues wasn’t already a problem in this country. And didn’t his wife just give birth to a little girl. Is that how he would want someone talking about either of them? What gross, despicable behavior. This guy should be ashamed.

  3. lea says:

    this opinion shows how much he has no class ,bad mouthing people by calling them fat is not speaking minds, and if it is so, it shows that he has a sick mind and about the wedding it is only a rumers no one confirmed it ,clearly he dont like the girl so if he said (i am not fan of her) directly it is better than commenting on her weight.even if you dont like her you need to be respected as you can unless he wouldnt like  people to respect him, by the way he is a black man (i am wondering about his feeling if someone would call him by any racist comments what his reaction could be?)

  4. R_R says:

    What an a-hole! Did he forget he was married to Mother Heifer?

  5. Anonymous says:

    He’s a moron. I always hated him. I hate him even more now. How rude.

  6. Nascar_1993 says:

    I hate hiiim so bad, he sucks, hes a crapy dude

  7. Grey says:

    What a sad pathetic man. Has he forgotten who he’s married to? Christina looks sexy as hell no matter what.

  8. Marco says:

    How can Nick Cannon call Christina fat? Has he seen previous pictures of Mariah? She has been around the same size as Christina and maybe heavier a few times so he needs to get that in check. Second, he’s not talented and never has been. If talking badly about someone else is what he needs to do to get him through his day then by all means! Also with a little girl now I doubt he would want anybody calling his daughter fat, would he? Aside from all that, Christina’s not even fat!!! Oh! How can this be “anti-bullying” when he is bullying her?!

  9. Emyersrock says:

    This is the actual email I sent to Nick Canon (you know Mariah Carey’s boy) after I heard a top 5 he did recently on his stupid radio show, where in,  he blasted Christina, mostly for being fat.  
    Mr. Carey, I realize that you think you are funny making fun of Christina Aguilera and her “weight gain,” but I would think you would be a bit more understanding considering you sleep next to that whale Mimi! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve supported your wife for YEARS, well until she stopped being able to sing… which was pretty much in like 1999. Christina is the SHIT and can sing most anyone under the table, including Ms. Carey. I would suggest you take a look at the Grammy Nomination concert a few years back when they both sang on the same evening and Xtina KILLED it! Mariah… mmmm not so much. A Christmas song at that event, really?? I mean I know it was being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and all, but couldn’t she have sang something that she hadn’t already performed (too death!) You know, like Celine, Christina and others did?? All of the HATERADE being consumed over Christina is crazy and unwarranted.Have fun hosting America’s Got Talent with those losers and maybe take an improv class or something and learn how to be funny…. P.S. Burlesque was AWESOME!! Glitter.. hahahahahahahaha!!!! You sir are a douche bag.Eric Myers

    1. Ghirl1967 says:

      Well said, have you noticed, his ‘beautiful slim’ wife hasn’t been seen in public since the birth of their twins, why is that? is she having trouble shifting her baby weight?

  10. Levin Moses says:

    why do people have to put people down its not right i love christina she seems so sweet n doesnt deserve it!

  11. bibi says:

    what a hypocrite! hope he’s not passing that same trait down to his kids!

  12. Ghirl1967 says:

    This guy is an ar*ehole, sorry but he is, who the feck does he think he is? Nick, you may look at what is in front of you before slagging anyone outside of your home!