Nikki Finke Wants To Be Your Friend on Facebook

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A million Deadline readers isn’t cool. Know what’s cool, Nikki Finke? A Farmville manqué.

Nikki Finke’s Deadline has apparently opened to the public its Facebook game in which players can pretend to be an actor (or actress), director, producer, or (if for some crazy reason they desire this) screenwriter, and try their hands at the moviemaking business in a concocted simulation. Ads on Deadline, featuring a silhouette purportedly of Ms. Finke, currently read, “The (allegedly) most powerful woman in Hollywood is watching you play. Don’t bore her.” Surely the good-humored Ms. Finke, who told The Observer “I regret to say I’m not holed up in the fetal position” after the Daily applied the “most powerful” label, doesn’t mind her reclusiveness being tweaked in this manner!

Studio news, according to the copy on Deadline’s site, changes the nature of the simulation–good luck to those players assigned an avatar of Lionsgate executive after that studio’s Conan the Barbarian remake flopped. While we’re not interested in playing (we’re not sure we want Ms. Finke to have “access to [our] information”), we imagine the game as being a bit like the old CD-ROM game “The Movies,” with a Bowser-like figure that can end your life by yelling “TOLDJA!” :: @DPD_

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