Public Radio Sci-Fi Vote Provokes Indignation, Despair

Vote Asimov.

After taking recommendations for the 100 best science-fiction and fantasy books ever, NPR is now inviting their listeners to vote on a top ten. This is good, because 100 books has proven a little bit too inclusive for some readers.

“Why on earth is WATERSHIP DOWN on this list?” wrote one outraged commenter. ” I’m used to making exceptions from my usually rigid rules for ‘urban fantasy’ and other oddball genres, but WATERSHIP DOWN is about regular Earth rabbits in our world in the ’70s. Neither fantasy nor sci-fi.”

“How can you have The Watchmen and not have the Elfquest series?” wrote another. “They are both excellent, but neither belongs here.” (Your correspondent admits that she might have also spent a few happy afternoons reading the complete volumes of Elfquest back in the mid-1990s.)

The biggest complaint, however, was about the exclusion of children’s books from the list. “Where is Harry Potter?” demanded one frantic commenter. “We need Harry Potter. *cries*”

Anyway go exercise your right to vote.

Public Radio Sci-Fi Vote Provokes Indignation, Despair