NYUck, NYUck: Spencer’s Gifts Proves Broadway Is Nothing More Than a Tacky Mall

No joke! (Winick Realty)

Soho and Noho has become one of those places “real” New Yorkers loathe to visit, like Times Square and Canal Street.

It’s jam-packed with funny smells, honking cars and gawking tourists. As if there were any question lower Broadway was anything more than an awful suburban mall, the kind of place most New Yorkers move here to escape, the latest lease at 691 Broadway proves it: Spencer’s Gifts is moving in. And who’s to blame? None other than that downtown scourge, N.Y.U.

“The area is Spencer Gifts’ target demographic of shoppers—18- to 24-year-olds,” Michael Gleicher of Winick Realty Group told DNAinfo. “The NYU community and the SoHo shoppers are right there.”

According to the Post‘s Louis Weiss, “The new shop will have 1,840 square feet on the ground and a 1,855-square-foot basement. The asking rent for the store with 30 feet of frontage on Broadway was $170 a square foot.”

So not only will you have to worry about crowds, but also joy buzzers and stink bombs, too. Great. Donald Judd must be spinning in his grave.

mchaban [at] observer.com | @MC_NYC