Oh Sweet Lord, CAA Wants to Set up Shop in Silicon Valley

All those other warning signs of that the tech bubble cometh? Forget them. Because this is it:  Creative Artists Agency, the same talent-representing behemoth behind stars like Brad Pitt and Oprah, is contemplating moving to the Valley.

Hollywood tried the same thing back in the nineties, but got scared off when the bubble went bust. But it looks like they think this bubble has legs.

According to Reuters, who broke the news, the plans are under consideration and will “proceed slowly,” but the agency already has some bold-faced, internet-famous celebrities on the roster for its Speakers Division, such as Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and former Facebook exec Randi Zuckerberg, sister of what’s-his-face. You remember him? From that movie that one time?

Reuters really brings the point home with this money quote: Read More