On the Corner: Avocadoes End Up In Gutter Outside Chipotle

Yum! (Picture by Daniel D'Addario)

Yum! (Picture by Daniel D'Addario)

In the latest installment of The Observer‘s local dispatches, the corner of 44th and 9th, outside the Theater District Chipotle, has a welcome new addition. Amidst the cigarette butts and used plastic bag detritus that is expected for any streetcorner are over 25 avocado skins and the corresponding pits. Didn’t whomever discarded the pits ever consider growing his or her own avocado tree? (The skins, too, could have been a welcome addition to anyone’s compost pile!)

Pictured, a pedestrian’s foot hovers, unaware, above what appears to be the wreckage of our afternoon guacamole.

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