Our Week in Commercial Real Estate: Robert Ivanhoe; Joseph Chetrit; Hines; Harry Gross; Robert Sorin

505 Eighth Avenue.

We unveiled Jean Nouvel’s new MoMA tower plans.

Houston-based Hines cornered Bryant Park.

Governor Cuomo hung a U-turn on congestion pricing.

The financial sector and the office market: how close for how long?

Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer (and a bunch of other pols) wrote the Chelsea Hotel’s tenants. Meanwhile, we had news on Joseph Chetrit’s loan for the big buy and his junior partner in the deal.

A supermajority of New Yorkers now support bike lanes.

We launched our campaign to be C.E.O. of the M.T.A.

W&H’s revamped 112 West 34th nailed two new deals.

A nonprofit decided to grow in Newmark’s 505 Eighth Avenue.

Bike lane advocates had high hopes for Caswell Holloway.

Harry Gross has very big hotel plans on Broadway.

Chris Ward shared the ground zero spotlight.

The East Village stretched to 20th Street and Avenue C.

American Idol‘s producer signed a deal in Trinity’s 435 Hudson.

We saw what is fermenting with Harlem’s first brewery since Prohibition: not a whole lot.

Suggestions were offered for where to reconstruct the Twin Towers.

Jeffrey Margolis had his first installment of the Dirt Dictionary.

Michael Stoler broke down the suburban markets.

Robert Ivanhoe talked about the recovery.

Robert Sorin talked about the big Google HQ buy and other large deals he’s worked on.

And Sam Chandan parsed the jobs report and the downgrade. And found…

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