Our Week in Real Estate: Rachel Uchitel; Stefano Tonchi; Christine Quinn; Chris Ward; Joseph Chetrit

We unveiled Jean Nouvel’s new MoMA tower plans.

Houston-based Hines cornered Bryant Park.

Governor Cuomo hung a U-turn on congestion pricing.

Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer (and a bunch of other pols) wrote the Chelsea Hotel’s tenants. Meanwhile, we had news on Joseph Chetrit’s loan for the big buy and his junior partner in the deal.

A supermajority of New Yorkers now support bike lanes.

The Rockaways, apparently, have been craving gentrification.

Rachel Uchitel went to contract on her place at 77 Park and turned a tidy sum.

We launched our campaign to be C.E.O. of the M.T.A.

Bike lane advocates had high hopes for Caswell Holloway.

Harry Gross has very big hotel plans on Broadway.

W editor Stefano Tonchi sold on West 12th Street.

Chris Ward shared the ground zero spotlight.

We recommended Justin Davidson as an architecture critic.

Dora the Explorer co-creator Eric Weiner sold his Ariel condo.

The East Village stretched to 20th Street and Avenue C.

American Idol‘s producer signed a deal in Trinity’s 435 Hudson.

We saw what is fermenting with Harlem’s first brewery since Prohibition: not a whole lot.

Suggestions were offered for where to reconstruct the Twin Towers.

Big Pharma and bike lanes–we found a connection.

And we trained it out to Childhood, Brooklyn.

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