Patti Smith and John Logan to Adapt Just Kids For the Screen

robert mapplethorpe patti smith a Patti Smith and John Logan to Adapt Just Kids For the Screen

Smith and Mapplethorpe.

Patti Smith will collaborate with John Logan (who wrote Any Given Sunday and Steven Spielberg’s forthcoming biopic Lincoln) on a screen adaptation of Just Kids. We vote for Charlotte Gainsbourg as Patti. (Or is that a terrible idea? She’s a little old for the part, no? Who smokes enough cigarettes these days?) And maybe Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Dunst as runner ups?

Except that they’re all a little too old to play the part of a very young woman in New York. Who has the sexy tarnish of Patti Smith at such a tender age? Nobody, that’s why she’s Patti Smith. Why is it that all the young actresses look like dimpled china dolls? Kristen Stewart? Francis Bean Cobain in her acting debut?

Okay, now Robert Mapplethorpe. Basically he has to be French for some reason. So initially we nominate Gaspard Ulliel and Louis Garrel.

Anyway, we’re excited for the film.


  1. FUCK YEAH!!!! CHARLOTTE  GAINSBOURG!!!!! Ever since I saw her I said she looks like Patti Smith. :D SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! :D Please make this happen!!! ALSO on the plus Charlotte sings!!!! 

  2. Ariane Oudry says:

    Charlotte, of course !