Petra Nemcova Exposes James Frey to ‘A New Form of Entertainment’

“James, I downloaded the app,” coos Petra Nemcova, swimsuit model dressed as Fifi the French maid, to James Frey, literary fabulist, who lounges in a Corbusier arm chair, in this ad for Booktrack that calls itself a “white-noir short.”

Alone, a beautiful woman is exposed to a new form of entertainment. Enticed and left wanting she yearns to share her experience and soon finds another’s world to penetrate in the white-noir short directed by Phillip Van, starring Petra Nemcova and James Frey. Petra Nemcova wears Marchesa, Marchesa for Louboutin and Kiki de Montparnasse.

Booktrack is the new service that provides synth swells to dramatize the reading experience with a soundtrack. Because reading is so boooring!! And yes, this is a lot like the old Maxell ads.