Pick Your Ponies: DreamIt Demo Day is Here

There is nothing Betabeat likes better than squeezing into a tightly packed mob of investors and watching a cattle call of young start-ups strut their stuff on stage (more metaphors, please! –ed). The tweets are flying fast and furious while handshakes and checks are being exchanged. At least that was the scene at our first rodeo, when we attended TechStars NY Demo Day at Webster Hall. Today Philly-based DreamIt Ventures will unveil their first class of New York start-ups.

Start your engine(ers):

  • 1DocWay, St Louis, MO: video-chat based doctor’s office with back-end automation
  • AfterSteps, Boston, MA: Online end-of-life planning platform. Store your wishes and important information securely in the cloud, and access expert advice on how and why to prepare for the worst-case scenario in advance. Experts include estate, financial and funeral planners.
  • AppAddictive, New York, NY: Social and mobile app publishing and advertising
  • AppBrick, Boston, MA: Robust mobile solutions for content producers.  The first applications, BookBrick and StoryBrick, empower authors to publish and manage powerful apps via an intuitive, web-based interface, with no programming skills required.
  • Clothes Horse, New York, NY: Enables customers to shop for clothing across retailers with a single user profile.  “Facebook Connect” for fashion.
  • Cognection, New Haven, CT: Online retail optimization
  • Hoot.me, Austin, TX: Interactive knowledge network; put Facebook into study mode by connecting students with friends for homework and projects.
  • KeepIdeas, New York, NY: Allows consumers to organize and collaborate on decisions in the cloud.  A social “Evernote for verticals”
  • LearnBop, Pittsburgh, PA: Online adaptive learning platform
  • LetsGiftIt, New York, NY: Social gifting platform; a way for friends, family, and coworkers to contribute towards the purchase of a gift for someone special
  • Revinyl, Los Angeles, CA: Mobile application that connects creation and commerce for music artists.
  • Pandaly, Philadlephia, PA: Voting/gaming solution for demand-driven deals
  • Pictour.us, Honduras: mobile app for creating photo tours
  • TakeTheInterview, Boston, MA: Cloud-based video interviewing platform for employers to more efficiently screen candidates