Pottermore False Alarms Have Edgy Fans in Frenzy

Christmas in August.

Last month The Observer managed to “find the magic quill” and register for early access to a Beta version of Pottermore, J.K. Rowling’s online book store (this was all done with sober reportorial disinterest, with no childish excitement whatsoever.) It appears that yesterday Pottermore began sending out e-mails to a few of the one million users who registered for early access, informing them that the site will begin opening from mid-August through September.

This threw some Potter fans who, like us, did not receive the e-mail, into a frenzy, prompting Pottermore to issue a reassuring Tweet: “Don’t worry if you haven’t received your email confirming early entry. There’s a million to send out so it may take a little time to arrive,” it read.

But some Potter fans were starting to feel a little bit riled up about the false alarm — the e-mail is only one more announcement, rather than actual access to the site. “HOW MANY OWLS- err, EMAILS ARE YOU GOING TO SEND US BEFORE YOU REALLY BEGIN, POTTERMORE?” wrote one Twitter user. “When you’re jumping up and down from joy upon receiving an email from Pottermore only to be disappointed that you can’t access the site yet,” wrote another. A third was pleasantly resigned: “I guess it’ll take me weeks to get my trunk together anyway.”

Anyway, more in a week or two.

Pottermore False Alarms Have Edgy Fans in Frenzy