Roundup: Bracing for Irene, Letting Go of George

Irene: Mayor calls for mandatory evacuations. [NY Times]

Irene: Free transit in the mandatory evacuation zones. [Reuters]

Irene: Cuomo said to stay out of the mountains too. [WSJ]

Irene: Gillibrand’s Twitter list of resources. [Twitter]

Irene: Dispatch from Fire Island. [Daily Intel]

Not 2012: Pataki says Obama is “stealing from our children’s future.” [ABC News]

Not 2012: Pataki didn’t offer an explanation for not running. [NY Times]

2012: What’s wrong with a moderate Republican? [Capital NY]

2012: Romney canceled some fundraisers on Long Island. [Politico]

NY-9: Schneiderman for Weprin. [Yeshiva News]

Tolls: Truckers push Cuomo to re-think. [Today’s Trucking]

Suffrage: Gillibrand in favor, more to do. [HuffPo]