Roundup: Fighting for Weiner's Seat, Not Fighting DSK Charges

mrb filmny Roundup: Fighting for Weiner's Seat, Not Fighting DSK Charges

The Mayor kicked off this year’s television season at Steiner Studios at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on the set of Sony Pictures Television’s new series Pan Am, one of 8 new primetime episodic series being filmed in New York City. August 22, 2011 (Photo Credit: Edward Reed)

NY-9: “He’s starting to lose races in which he’s not even a candidate,” Comedy Central says of Barack Obama and his impact on the race. [Dennis DiClaudio /]

NY-9: “The protest announced yesterday drew just three attendees.” [Colby Hamilton / WNYC]

NY-9: Turner gets endorsed by a newspaper that no longer publishes; “[W]hat we can imagine being the start of a revival of the Republican Party.” [NY Sun]

NY-9: “In a grand tradition that dates back to 2009, every special House election has become a referendum on the president and national politics.” [Noah Rothman / Ology]

NY-9: “Weprin has been going after Turner with the same game plan employed by national Democrats, pinning the Republican to the Tea Party movement and claiming that he intends to cut Medicare and Social Security.” [Caitlin Huey-Burns / Real Clear Politics]

NY-23: NRCC ties Rep. Owens to Obama. [Liz Benjamin / Capital Tonight]

Same-Sex Marriage: Alesi, O’Donnell lead October 13 discussion in Albany. [Nick Reisman / Capital Tonight]

Red Lights Cameras: “I think we should have them on every corner,” Bloomberg. said. [Rich Lamb / CBS]

Vacancy: Upstate Assembly Republican leaves for job at a Goldman Sachs-owned firm. [Casey Seiler / Times Union]

DSK: A history of bombshells. [Adam Martin / Atlantic]

DSK: Investigate leaks, urges Perkins. Dropping charges may deter future victims from coming forward. [Celeste Katz / Daily News]

DSK: “No one with half a brain would ever put her on the stand” lawyer in Vance’s office reportedly said of accuser. [John Eligon / New York Times]

Defamation: Spitzer sued for $60 million over his Slate column. [NY Post]


  1. Anonymous says:

    PatakiStein is inching closer to throwing his hat into the ring of fire and no one in the NY GOP is excited they seem to prefer “Rudy” and if Rudy runs what chance does PatakiStein have ?
    The national polls favor Rudy at this point and PatakiStein is no more than an *
    So what does his “BRAIN” Arthur Finkelstein have planned to make his creation a winner ?
    We know that his other creation LazioStein was a taken to the woodshed by Paladino in 2010 and Arthur did make a buck on that race.
    How his first creation PatakiStein who beat Mario and Rudy in 1994 is being reactivated and will try to beat one and all to the GOP nomination and then slay “Big Brother”Obama.
    If history is our guide PatakiStein will fail and Arthur and Company will make a buck.
    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
    VJ MachiavelliThe Legislative Budget is Too Damn High