Rumors & Acquisitions: We Can’t Stop Turntabling

rumormonger Rumors & Acquisitions: We Cant Stop TurntablingTURNTABLE.FM PARTY CRASHED! On Thursday, New Work City had the rockin’est DJ-off and techie dance party north of the Mississippi, we’re told, despite a miscommunication in the Pepsi delivery. Turntable’s cutesy avatars were cut out and pasted on the wall behind the DJs, which included Shai Goldman, bringer of dance beats as well as Silicon Valley Bank sponsorship. “Had almost 200 people, got crashed by drunk, obstinate Obliterati around midnight,” says one attendee. “A woman who claimed be society columnist for WSJ showed up with 10 people and pretty much demanded entry. Mind you, it’s $30 at the door to get in for open bar. Women from Zaarly also showed up part of this cadre of drunken ‘VIPs’,” he scoffed. Video here, photos here.

TURNTABLE SPINOFFS. Also apparently associated with New Work City, an official site vending Turntable merch has a splash page up at; no store yet, but here’s a peak. The site is endorsed by TT, as we understand, unlike–which looks like one of those straight-up knock-off situations.

WALKBACKS. Gawker made some changes to its redesign last week–“a little less boxed-in,” as Nick Denton tweeted–giving readers the ability to opt out of the two-pane configuration which many found intolerable at first. Gawker has been tweaking the redesign since its debut earlier this year and subsequent pageview nosedive, and pageviews are climbing back up. Bad news for digerati Rex Sorgatz, who put his money where his mouth was back in February in a public bet with Mr. Denton: “I’m on the record that I think the redesigns will fail. And I’m now officially opening the betting pool. I think Denton is going to be forced to pull back on this,” he wrote. “I keep getting traffic alerts telling me that @gawker sites are breaking records. That traffic bet with @nicknotned is looking silly now,” Tony Haile tweeted this morning, and he’s a man who should know–he’s the general manager at Chartbeat.