Save The Date: This Wednesday, The Media Power Singles Mixer

A brief note of housekeeping: After the rousing successes that were The Observer‘s 2011 Media Power Bachelor and Power Bachelorette lists, requests for (A) a mixer of both lists and (B) an omissions list are still flooding in. Make of this what you will, because we did.

This Wednesday, August 24, starting at around 6:30 PM at The Scratcher, the Observer‘s Media Power Singles Power Mixer (or Frappe) will (actually) happen. Some of those involved in the making of the lists on The Observer‘s side will also commemorate the sunset of this noble endeavor with what are commonly known as “benders” that evening as well, in the event you have more of the wonderful or terrible suggestions and insights into Media Singledom that you’ve flooded our emails with over the last week. Either way, be you bachelor or bachelorette, straight or gay, you will be in the same room as your Media Power Single cohorts; many of them, likely more than are to be gathered in a while, for better or worse. We must emphatically note that this is your chance.

Bring your Wednesday Best, your Autograph Book, or your clippings; whatever it takes. Also, bring cash, because it’s a cash bar. There may very well be an Observer-subsidized date for a couple or two of those who made the lists to enjoy each other’s company for an evening and report back to us on their “findings.” Details from The Observer (at The Scratcher) to come.

As for an omissions list, we’re still assembling one to come. If you have any suggestions, we’ll gladly hear them. | @weareyourfek