Sex and the City Third Movie In the Works; Kim Cattrall Has ‘Seen Enough’ Sex

Today, Page Six reported that a third Sex and the City movie is in the works, per Sarah Jessica Parker’s eagerness to tell one more story of Carrie and her gang.

Not all the girls may be quite so excited about returning to the Sex well.

We cornered Kim Cattrall at a recent luncheon and asked her about sexually explicit fall TV, citing her status as the former Samantha Jones. She told us, without cracking a smile: “I think I’ve seen enough, really.”

Readers, read the tea leaves! :: @DPD_


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  2. Awwtfp says:

    I love Kim Cattrall’s charachter far more than any of the others.  However she is so on the money as Samantha, along with the others, has become a parody of the  edgy lady she once represented.  i am so tired of seeing Carrie flout around waiting for Mr. Big to come and rescue her from a life of boring lady who thinks she is COOl because she writes a sex column.  Sooo boring.  I won’t even comment on Charlotte.

     Please give this up while you stil have a rep.  Or is the 10 mill. or whatever it is they are going to throw your way, all you can see? Retire with a bit of dignity or a least wait a while, a long while.  Love ya Kim.