Sorry, Renters, No New Insurance Policies Until After Irene

Pull your renters’ insurance policy out of the drawer, the AP’s hurricane survival guide advises, and put it in an airtight baggie! But for New Yorkers who neglected to secure such a policy, scrambling to the phone to get a quote won’t work: at least some heartless insurers have decreed no new policies in some parts of the East Coast will be written until after the storm. How do we know? Twitter.

“Ban on all renters insurance in CT until Monday. Should’ve, would’ve could’ve. Oops,” writes Hannah Budde.

“Just overheard someone trying to get Renters Insurance in NYC. He was told no new policies until after the storm. Wow,” tweeted New York techie Nate Westheimer.

“OMG! I work for an insurance co. Our phones are ringing off the hook and we can’t write anything!” tweeter HillaryJan said in reply.

At least the insurance companies are finding time to give disaster advice.