Southampton’s SL East Most Expensive Nightclub in America

And then you walk out $500 poorer.

Looking to spend a gratuitous amount of money at one place this weekend? Bundle assembled a list of the nation’s most expensive clubs and, naturally, many are in New York and the Hamptons.

Topping the list is SL East, the glitzy Southampton destination made so guys with fat wallets can look desperately for a celebrity, or someone to dance with. It opened this June, and Russell Simmons came by on the first night. The study takes into account the bills and tabs dropped at SL East’s previous incarnation, Lily Pond, in addition to sales made since Sl East opened.

What kind of money are we talking about here? Real money. Over the last year, the average tab at Lily Pond/SL East was $474, edging out New York’s Provocateur by $30.

Other area clubs on the list include Dune (in Southampton), The Box, Riff Raff’s, Greenhouse, The Griffen and Avenue.

Congrats, everyone!