Soy Vey! Could a Hummus Fight Kill the Co-op?

BroBos pick sides as Park Slope Food Co-op considers Israeli products ban; Dershowitz rends garments: we will ‘make them pay!’ Nobel laureate Tutu backs boycott

park slope bds e1312351096749 Soy Vey! Could a Hummus Fight Kill the Co op?

BDS is no laughing matter. (Getty)

Israel and the Park Slope Food Co-op have a lot in common. Both were founded in part by Jewish socialists. Both are governed by a raucous democracy with laws and rituals to rival the Talmud. Both have a soft spot for hummus and couscous.

And now both are plagued by the Palestinian question.

Last week, the co-op held its first open discussion about whether or not to endorse B.D.S., an international movement that calls for the boycott, divestment and sanctioning of Israeli products and companies. Supporters see B.D.S. as a nonviolent way to attack Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories, while critics claim the movement stinks of anti-Semitism. The issue has been batted around the co-op for years, from the bulk aisles to the letters section of the biweekly Linewaiters’ Gazette, house organ of the organic house.

It began in earnest during the Jan. 27, 2009, general meeting, when Hima B., a self-described queer-centric, intradependent filmmaker who eschews a last name, made a comment during the open forum that ran in the next issue of the newsletter: “I don’t know whether or not we carry Israeli products, but I propose that we no longer carry them.” Apparently there were some Sharon persimmons and organic red peppers in stock, but that was as far as the discussion went. It was followed by news of broken debt card machines on Christmas Eve.

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The debate likely would have remained within the confines of 782 Union Street had someone at The Jewish Daily Forward not noticed those three innocuous paragraphs. The ensuring article got picked up by Ha’aretz and a million little blogs, setting off a media frenzy that consumed the co-op for months. The debate—angry letters, dirty looks—did not die down until the following fall. When the Gaza flotilla fiasco occurred last summer, it inflamed the issue yet again, which led a group of about 20 co-op members to push for a referendum on B.D.S., the subject of last week’s meeting. This being a democratic institution, everyone gets their say, but saying it takes time. It will be at least six months before the referendum can be taken up.


  1. Joe Catron says:

    It’s amusing how little substance the anti-BDS perspectives expressed here actually have:

    “‘We don’t have any shoppers here from South Africa or Nestlé. But this is different—this is Chaim town,’ he said, referring to the Jewish name that has not been much in vogue since his grandparents were living on the Lower East Side. ‘This is the heart of Chaim town. So to come in here and try and push this boycott against Israel goes against everything the co-op is about, everything it was founded on.'”

    So the co-op was founded on what exactly? Tolerating racism and oppression as long as your neighbors support it?

    1. Carly says:

      Because China is a human rights abuser and I eat Chinese noodles, it means I tolerate racism and oppression?  Interesting perspective.

  2. Andrew G. says:

    In referencing the Coca Cola boycott, I’m assuming you’re referring to the murder of union leaders in Colombia (the country) not Columbia (the university). 

  3. gilly youner says:

    Dershowitz:  KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR COOP. this is our argument, we can figure it out, and we don’t need “Big Daddy” sending us to our rooms.

    1. Shore says:

      obviously you cannot figure it out yourselves

  4. easternparkway says:

    Jewish co-op member here.

    Would Alan Dershowitz please shut the fuck up? He’s such a pandering hack, it’ s pathetic. Why did the Observer even contact him? he’s irrelevant, his only purpose is to charge people with “anti-semitism.”

    Israel practices apartheid, and saying so, or supporting movements that challenge that system, doesn’t make you anti-semitic. it’s makes you a person with a conscious….

    1. Warsawghettofighter says:

      Why don’t you shut the fuck up, asshole. Are you aware of Assad’s murderous rampage in Syria? Do you give a shit that 500,000 Somali children are facing starvation because of Islamist terrorists? Or has none of that penetrated your precious, self-important, narcissistic, smelly hippy Park Slope hood?

      That said, thanks for giving me another reason to be glad I live in uptown Manhattan.  

      1. easternparkway says:

        yeah, I’m aware of all that stuff. and if I was syrian or somalian maybe i’d be more making more noise about it. but as i mentioned I’m a jew, so i’m more compeled to speak out against what’s happening in Israel.

        glad u know the proper usage/spelling of conscience. now instead of worrying about my education, try being both awake and having some moral sensibility….

      2. Shore says:

        It is not your right.  You are not an Israeli. You have no idea what it’s like to live in Israel, so please save your morality lessons for when you know what you’re talking about.  To compare Israel to South African Apartheid is the height of intellectual laziness and shows nothing but an adoption of propaganda slogans you picked up in Union Square.

      3. Another sSupporter of BDS says:

        He should “shut the fuck up” about Palestinian rights because there are terrible things happening in other parts of the world?  Why would you assume that someone who supports the BDS movement doesn’t care about the people of Somalia or Syria?  Why does believing that Palestinians and Israelis deserve a fair shot at having a decent future make someone “self-important” and “narcissistic?”

      4. Right says:

        Until there’s hundreds of BDS movements across every platform attacking Syria or Somalia – shut the fuck up, because it’s clearly evident that you have a problem with Israel and Israel alone.

    2. Warsawghettofighter says:

      Oh yeah, one more thing: it’s “conscIENCE” not “conscIOUS.” The former refers to moral sensibility, the latter to awareness. Get an education before you sound off.  

      1.  You start your argument  with “Why don’t you shut the fuck up, asshole” and end  it with a spelling lesson?  Doubt you’re going to change many minds with that tack, friend.  

        What do you propose  Whole Foods should do about  Syria?  This country already has an embargo on Syrian goods.  And I shouldn’t have to point out that Islamic terrorists in Somalia wouldn’t be the least bit affected by a boycott, either. The reason should be obvious.

        Anyhow, I don’t see any reason why Whole Foods should have to get involved in every outreach on earth to justify their advocacy for Palestinians.

      2. Right says:

        “Anyhow, I don’t see any reason why they or anybody else should be
        required to get involved in every outreach on earth to justify their
        advocacy for Palestinians. ”

        Oh, shut up. I’m sick of hearing this from you bigots. You’re required to show similar disdain towards other nations doing FAR worse because you’re assaulting the legitimacy of Israel under the guise of “humanitarianism”, “morals” and having a “conscience” yet if this was the case, then there would be similar campaigns across universities and the Western intelligentsia about places such as Myanmar, Indonesia, Sudan, Iran, Syria, China and so on but there isn’t and the reason for that is because you are NOT doing this out of a love for freedom and human rights, you are doing it simply out of hatred for Israel – you’re incredibly transparent and it makes me sick the way people like you have hijacked noble causes in order to pursue your agenda.

        Next time you pass by the Indonesian embassy, be sure to spare a thought for the West Papuan’s or are they not worthy of your morals and conscience? Are they not “cool” enough to sing songs about? Are the Indonesians not “bad” enough to wage a campaign against?

    3. Ex-PSFC member says:

      I was a member of the PSFC. A lot of the produce was pesticide free but always infested with politics. Thats why I left. Are the members who call Israel an apartheid state the same ones who have their nannies do their workshifts? 

    4. aparatchik says:

      There are well over a million arabs living within Israel and Israeli-controlled parts of Judea and Samaria. They have the greatest political, civil and religious freedoms among ordinary arabs in the whole of the ME . There are NO Jews living – at least openly – within the Arab controlled parts of Gaza and Judea & Samaria.* There is a death penalty on selling land to Jews in Judea & Samaria. 

      If you want to boycott apartheid, boycott the Arabs. I believe they make some over-priced olive oil.

      * There are virtually no Jews living in the whole of the Arab world any more (approx. 5,000?). Fifty years ago, there were around one  million indigenous Jews across the Arab world. As in Israel, they lived there continuously for many hundreds of years before the Arab conquest. Israel is the one instance of a Middle East minority – the oldest recorded minority still in existence – acquiring sovereignty. The muslims can’t stand it as their teachings tell them that Islam is the last word in human development. There should be many more Israels in the region for the other minorities, e.g., Kurds, Maronites, Copts, Druze, etc., etc.

    5. Interesting how the Israeli government has taken Israel to the brink of fascism.  Do you have examples, or are you suddenly proud of your 10+ years of the (false) Apartheid analogy because the Knesset just passed a law that not only is controversial within the Jewish community and the State of Israel, but will probably be overturned by the Israeli supreme court?  Which, by the way, is a huge example of just why Israel really is a democracy and not a fascist or neo-fascist state.

      And, really, who gives flying fork as to whether or not you’re a Jew.  You hide by an anonymous moniker, for crying out loud.  Get a clue.

    6. Right says:

      Ah, it’s one of them “as-a-Jew” – newsflash moron, being Jewish [which given the form of people like you, might not even be the case] does not reinforce or add weight to your ludicrous opinion that Israel practices apartheid.

      Pray tell why you, as a conscious person, single out Israel for accusations of apartheid but not the Palestinians where their “moderate” leader openly declares that no Jew will be allowed to live in a Palestinian state; where selling land to a Jew carries the death penality; where people are executed for being suspected of “collaborating” with Israel or how about their “Arab brothers” who have discriminatory laws which prevent any and all naturalization in order to use them as political cannon fodder whilst suspending them in a perpetual state of squalor – this is exactly what YOU are supporting, you’re a disgrace.

      When Arabs are not allowed to be educated in the same schools, receive degrees from Jewish universities, shop in the same shops, go to the same hospitals, be operated on by Jews, travel on the same public transport, captain Israeli football teams, represent Israel in international singing competitions, achieve high ranking judicial or political positions or indeed have their rights [enshrined in the deceleration of independence] removed, then can we even begin to discuss apartheid. Until then, Israel will remain a nation doing what any other nation would do in the face of being invaded several times and having its civilians showered in missiles and plagued with suicide bombings.

      Don’t talk about having a conscience you morally inversed piece of shit. If you had a conscience, you would be “challenging” the Arab states who are directly responsible for the mess we have today, you’d be “challenging” the corrupt and genocidal Palestinian leadership, you’d be “challenging” the Palestinian ethos by where any leader who declares that Jews are not the enemy–will end up lynched and son on–all things which only serve to perpetuate their misery and benefit a few and their own personal agenda. People like you are a part of the problem, shame on you.

    7. Johnathan Peace says:


  5. EATME says:

    Rainbow grocery in San Francisco did it a few years ago.  I had no problem with it, however I did know a few people that would not shop there anymore.

  6. Bill Mazza says:

    As a supporter of BDS and the PSFC joining the BDS movement to boycott Israeli goods I can say Matt’s “reportage” hits all the familiar low points. Sadly, Matt Chaban–a reporter with an apparent penchant for using lengthy, stereotype-applying adjectives to dismiss the views of people he disagrees with–either started writing with an agenda or just didn’t do his homework.

    Are we out to destroy the Coop? Don’t be silly. And as for divisiveness: it already exists. There’s already discomfort, it’s just hasn’t been registering to the people of privilege fighting the referendum.

    Are we all anti-Semites? Even the Jews among us? I’m no more an anti-Semite for speaking out against the violence of the conservative Israeli government than I am a ‘terrorist’ for speaking out against the policies of the US government. A label thrown at me regularly since the first Gulf War and more frequently since 9-11.

    Is our understanding of this complicated issue “unsophisticated”? No. We aren’t the ones oversimplifying the issue by claiming that anyone who criticizes this Israeli government is “evil”. But one of the coop members you quote, Barbar Mazor wouldn’t know that because after weeks of negotiation she backed out of a facilitated meeting between her group and the folks calling for the referendum. I can only assume this wasn’t discussed in the interview with her because it demonstrates our easily confirmed willingness to dialogue.

    Frankly, I find much of what passes for “debate” on this issue unproductive as the opposition relies on fear-mongering and labeling (as with blanket charges of ‘anti-Semite’) designed to immobilize the opposition. Fox News would be proud.

    Why do we “single out Israel”? We don’t. Many of us work on my issues of social justice both within US borders and without. But US tax dollars have helped fund the recent increase in both pro-apartheid legislation of the Israeli government–such as the recently-passed gag ruling against even talking in favor of a boycott in Isreali–and violence. This is not an issue any of us engaged with lightly.

    In fact, what other country and US ally could get away with the regular arrest, injury and murder of US peace activist/citizens without consequence?

    I do know this. Today most of the voices who, for decades, spoke in support of South African apartheid policies are silenced by their shame. I’m hopeful the same will be true of contemporary supporters of Israeli apartheid.

    The Park Slope Food Coop actually formed with a boycott of South African goods in place, a decade before the struggle reached popular support in the 80s. We’re simply asking that the Coop membership get on the right side of the moral and historical struggle against apartheid again.

    1. Carly says:

      So do you boycott US goods to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which took more lives than the whole 60+ year Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

      1. flatbusher says:

        Carly, I look forward to hearing how you think it will be a good and practical tactic to protest U.S. policy by boycotting U.S. goods – from within the U.S., no less.  Boycott is a tactic to make change in the world.  In the case of Israel’s violations of international law, the tactic of boycott (as well as sanctions and divestment) is being called for by Palestinian civil society as a concrete and nonviolent way to pressure Israel into observing basic human rights and international law.  The BDS movement is growing, which is adding to the power of this tactic to make the desired change in this case.  Many countries, including the U.S., are also responsible for human rights abuses.  What are you doing to stop them, besides trying to derail the conversation here?

      2. Carly says:

        It obviously wasn’t serious.  BDS will have no effect on Israel.   It’s not like these little co-ops carry huge amounts of Israeli produce.  BDS, however, may have a huge effect on the co-op itself.  This is a divisive issue that I suspect many members do not agree with.

        On the other hand, if you want to truly boycott Israel then you’ll have to throw our your computer and cell phones, considering most of this technology was developed in Israel.  Or do you think you’re going to bring down Israel by refusing to buy their avocados?

      3. David says:

        Hi Carly.  BDS may very well have an effect on Israel, so I don’t think that’s the point here.  The point is that the BDS movement suffers from misinformation on a massive scale, which is really sad.  I think it’s a losing battle to compare Israel to other countries, because people will respond as above (i.e., you gotta support something, which is true).  I am in Israel right now.  I have sought out Israeli Arabs to ask them if they feel like they live in “apartheid” and have been laughed at.  An Arab Supreme Court Justice recently convicted a former Jewish President!  

        So, when people talk about apartheid, you have to first figure out if they’re taking about Israeli Arabs, or about Palestinians in the West Bank/Gaza.  It is not apartheid to put up a security fence, or enforce a blockade on a territory whose leaders (Hamas) preach the destruction of Israel (thereby being responsibly for taking their own people hostage).  People forget why there was a fence put-up, because there haven’t been any suicide bombings in a while.  But imagine living in a world where every other day busses, pizza restaurants nightclubs are blowing up!  Imagine how paranoid your society would become.  Would you put up a fence so that those responsible wouldn’t be able to walk a few miles to carry out their holy mission?  Would you make mistakes in the process?  Probably…nobody and no country is perfect.  What is true about Israel,  is that if you have served in the army or done a national service, life is easier for you (possibly easier to get loans, etc.).  Naturally, one would think, it would be conflicting to have Arabs serve in the Israeli Defense Forces, yet Jews in the parliament actually favor this, because they see it as a benefit to the country if everybody serves in some way in support of their country.  Shockingly, when this item went up for vote recently in the Knesset, it was the Arab MKs who voted against requiring a national service for Arabs, thereby ensuring Arabs will continue to have less opportunity.  Similarly, the Hardei (hardcore Jewish Orthodox) don’t serve in the military, and lack the same opportunities in getting good loans, etc.I have heard complaints that, for example, you may find better-paved roads in Jewish areas, although I haven’t personally witnessed that.  For those who use that kind of petty argument, I would ask them to take a good hard look at America, and check out the ratio of potholes in black/hispanic/native american neighborhoods to White Whole Foods neighborhoods……

      4. There is nothing wrong with choosing what advocacys to support or not support.  It’s what virtually every advocacy group  and individual does.   It’s impractical (and probably impossible) to get involved in every thing. 

        So I think it’s absurd to argue  that you shouldn’t  join a protest  just because you aren’t  protesting everything else that’s wrong in the whole damn world.  

    2. Baruti says:

      Mr. Mazza,

      I’m from South Africa.  An African South African, not a colonialist. 
      (Americans just call me black.)  I experienced Apartheid. 
      Separateness.  It was ugly.  Many of my friends died.

      I’ve been to Israel.  The West Bank.  Gaza.  Inside of Israel.  Lived there for a year touring for a book I want to write.

      Mr. Mazza, you don’t know what Apartheid is.  For all of Israel’s
      faults, you dishonor yourself and my fallen mates by using the word. 
      The UN does not use the phrase “Israeli Apartheid” and you repeating it over
      and over again does not give it authority.  There is really no
      comparison between Israel and South Africa.    We appreciate your help
      over there in the US for “saving” us back in the eighties, but we here
      in S.A. did the dirty work.  We suffered.  We went to jail.  We died.  You stayed safe, signed a few pieces of
      paper, spoke at a meeting or two maybe.  You follow the same route for
      your work on human rights in the Middle East.

      Tutu is beloved here, but he is not our polestar.  He is as political as
      anyone and we all know it.  SA is still quite corrupt and dangerous and
      he is beholden to make statements reflecting those interests.  Sadly,
      because atrocities were committed by both sides in our war for freedom,
      corruption and crime are what we have reaped, and freedom is still very
      hard to find today in SA.   You are, I’m sorry to say, very uninformed
      about what causes you take up.

      1. Brooklyn says:

        Dear Mr. Baruti –

        I am moved, humbled and saddened by your description of the hardship and suffering you endured in South Africa.

        Thank you for speaking out the truth about apartheid.  May your future joys and successes outweigh your past suffering one thousand-fold.  May you go from strength to strength.

    3. Chorwitz says:

      Thank you so much for your well-reasoned civil response to the writer of this Article about the Food Coop.  Having been a member since 1992, I can remember many disagreements within the coop and member threatening to quite if — we  sold meat, soda, beer, we expanded and bought the building next to the Coop (which we did and no one quit that I know of), and on and on.  I am definitely Jewish, I am not self-hating, and I definitely support BDS.  The Israeli government has gone completely crazy, and is taking Israel to the brink of facism.  I support BDS as a way to stop this Right wing facist Israeli government that has become a shanda and an embarassment to Jews who take seriously the lessons learned from the Holocaust and the Torah.  Jews were in the forefront of the civil rights movement because they believed in Justice for all, not a narrow self-centered group of people who consider themselves  “chosen.”  Sadly, my own daughter who keeps kosher and whose son will be bar mitzved in   March  2012 has written to the Israeli embassy in the US. stating that until  the Palestinians receive justice from Israel, she will never travel to Israel again nor let her sons travel there. 

      1. Johnathon Peace says:

        How does this occur in an apartheid state?

      2. JeffwithaJ says:

        Actually, Chorwitz, it’s the constant slanders, fraud, deceits and fabrications of your movement (and those who inspire it) which certainly remind me of fascism as well as some other particularly disgusting mass movements.  I don’t think you know anything about the “lessons” of the Torah or Holocaust or Fascism for that matter, (I notice you guys never mention Communism; you just don’t go there).  How dare you set yourselves up as supreme lecturers to the very people who have been struggling every day of every year for over 60 years against an onslaught both military and propagandistic in a region that defines them unequivocally and in lock-step  as the Other.  And you and your friends sit here in the comfort of your homes in North America (of all places), seeing red, spreading panic, and pushing labels, as you preen yourselves, all the while berating this small, one and only, democratic country  in that region for it’s flawed responses to goose-stepping calls for it’s destruction (i.e., a high crime under the UN Charter). And you sit there, conferring upon yourselves the title of “Experts of All That Is Just and Good in the World”  and “Teachers of the  Lessons of the Torah and the Holocaust.”  I look on in amazement of how full of it you are.  But before you and yours start labeling me, I’ll give myself a label for you to chew on: lifelong liberal Democrat with memory, and great concern for universal human rights.
        P.S.  When I say “I don’t think you know…” it’s really just a polite way of saying “You don’t know.”

      3. GZLives says:

        Great comment JeffwithaJ.
        Wish I could be as articulate about the subject as you

      4. Anonymous says:

        You said:

        “Sadly, my own daughter who keeps kosher and whose son will be bar
        mitzved in   March  2012 has written to the Israeli embassy in the US.
        stating that until  the Palestinians receive justice from Israel, she
        will never travel to Israel again nor let her sons travel there.”

        Yes it is sad that your daughter is so ignorant that she has fallen prey to the anti-Israel Boycott Derangement Syndrome and is attempting to bring your grandchildren up in ignorance as well. I would suggest that you study the actual facts rather than submit to the Arab propaganda that the BDS idiots are pushing.

        The use of the term “chosen” as a slur, shows that you do not understand what is going on. Hopefully, there will be sufficient honest people in your Coop that they will be able to continue to use Israeli products.

        Of course, if they insist on boycotting all Israeli products, they will have to stop using computers, remove all defibrillators, stop using the Polio vaccine, and refuse to take antibiotics as well as undergo life saving surgery.

      5. David says:

        Dear Chorwitz,

        Please read Baruti’s letter above.  The Israeli government is quite far from facism, as it is quite far from apartheid.  I hear that you support BDS, and I wonder what media you have been reading, and what has been filtered down to your daughter.  If you are a smart Jewish mother and have been at a coop for years then you are probably a bit left-leaning.  As a fellow Jew/leftist/pro-organic foodist, I ask that you to think harder about the statements that you make.  How should Israelis give more justice to Palestine?  Should they offer 97% of the West Bank and East Jerusalem as a capital?  Well, Ehud Barak did that in 2000 at the Camp David Accords, and Arafat ignored the outstanding compromise that put Barak’s life (not just career) on the line.  Arafat rejected it and the 2nd intifada started a month or so later.  

        We could also look a bit further back, like in 1947, when the Jews begrudgingly accepted the UN Partition Plan, as it finally provided them (us) with a home for the first time in 1,941 years, but a far smaller home then they (we) had been promised under the 1917 Balfour Declaration from the UK.  The Arabs did not accept the ’47 plan and attacked.  Jordan illegally occupied the area slated for a “palestinian arab” state, and, in ’67, in a war that the UN describes as being defensively faught by Israel, Israel pushed the borders back for more security against its bellicose neighbors.  The West Bank has never officially belonged to anyone since 1917, but it would have been Arab if they had agreed to any of several compromises from ’47 onwards.  Therefore, the area remains disputed, and on one knows what to do.

        But maybe that’s not the point for you.  Perhaps you think the security fence is unjust.  Well, no one likes fences or walls, and no fence or wall is permanent, but I can only say that it’s worked.  Do you remember the horrors of the intifada?  And as the suicide bombings have slowed down, so too have the checkpoints been eased.  There are no “Jewish-only” roads in the Westbank, as you may have read or heard on Democracy Now!, although there are “Arab-only” roads, in areas governed by the Palestinian Authority.  

        If, as you imply, you take seriously lessons learned from the Holocaust, what lessons are you speaking of that Israel is not taking seriously?  Israel wants to live in peace with it’s neighbors, not annihilate them, but many of its neighbors don’t want to live in peace with Israel, and won’t accept a Jewish state.

      6. JeffwithaJ says:

        Well put David.

    4. I find it humorous that BDS considers themselves a non-violent
      movement.  After all, they spread hyperbole and lies with fear and hate
      mongering tactics (Max Brenner in Australia and Ahava in London, for
      starters).   While the crux of the movement considers the Bi’ilin
      barrier (a non-violent action that has stopped the very violent suicide
      bombing attacks on such Zionist gathering spots as a Sbarro pizzeria at
      lunch time and the Dolphinarium dance club on a Friday night) as an example of Israeli Apartheid. 

      Mr. Mazza, you and your movement are terribly confused individuals with
      little to no redeeming qualities.  That’s my general response– y’know,
      as in my opinion of you.  Which I think is fair since you have
      maintained your outlandish opinions of the Jewish state, a land built on
      1/700 of the Ottoman Empire which was carved into 20+ states since the
      end of WWI.

      History doesn’t have to be your cup of tea.  But your victimhood is
      ridiculous, and your denials of hatred are hysterical.  You may not be a
      classic anti-Semite in the sense of Nazis and the PLO, but you share
      the need of pegging the Jews as outsiders and invaders and oppressors in
      order to make your false sense of justice prevail.

      Stay classy, Mr. Mazza.

      1. Msmyouthdir says:

        Oh Mr. Mazza, how you love to pick on Israel and their people. Is it because you are so into non violence that what the people of Israel do? Or is it because you just love to ignore what the Palestinians are doing to the people of the Jewish state? Mr. Mazza, you totally ignore the provocation of the Palestinians towards the Israelis. Why? I think that it is because you are a total hypocrite coward.  You are a coward because you are afraid of how the Palestinians would respond to you.  Do you condemn Saudi Arabia because they exclude anyone of Jewish origin from being allowed into their country or from working for a firm that does business with them? No! How about Dubai, Yemen, Syria and many other Arab dictatorships? Are they condemned? No. Mr. Mazza, you are the supreme phony and it would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. Michael Marcus

    5. Johnathan Peace says:

      Here’s a cause to help Palestinians.

    6. Anonymous says:

      I should point out that the so called “gag rule” against boycotting Israeli products (within Israel) is not “pro apartheid” nor is it against the freedoms within Israel or elsewhere. It is a legitimate response to the attempt to destroy the country from within as well as without.

      Indeed, stating that those who refuse to purchase Israeli products will not be eligible to sell products to the Israeli government is a completely legitimate response. In actuality, it points out the hypocrisy of the BDS movement (which I translate as Boycott Derangement Syndrome). If they are so intent on destroying Israel, then they should not insist that israel fund them.

    7. Anonymous says:

      You said:

      In fact, what other country and US ally could get away with the regular
      arrest, injury and murder of US peace activist/citizens without

      As a matter of fact, you have matters backward. So far the Arabs have been allowed to get away with murder, destruction of property, building illegal settlements, and other matters. It is the antIsrael boycott derangement syndrome victims who have shown their ignorance of what is actually going on in Israel. For example the so called “olive harvest protests” were actually carried out by “protesters” attempting to destroy the property of Israeli farmers. Arab “farmers” were caught burning their own crops in order to create propaganda in the media.

      Since Israel is the only U.S. ally in the region (though there are false “allies” there) it can be the only one that can be accused (falsely) of “being an ally that gets away with horrible acts”. However, since the country of Israel has never attempted to perform the acts of which you accuse it, then it cannot be accused of trying to “get away” with them.

  7. Ejazz says:

    BDS right to boycott and they have a right to boycott.

  8. Ejazz says:

    I really like easternparkway he said what i was thinking THANKS

  9. Anonymous says:

    This issue is much less than meets the eye.  Support for singling out Israel for boycott at the co-op seems thin.  I was at the co-op when Fox News had a crew there looking for supporters to interview.  They must have been planning a piece showing the how absurd the lefty co-op is.  Amusingly, they were unable to find a single person to support the boycott.

    If it does get put to a vote, it will lose decisively.  Right now, support is largely limited to those who walk around muttering to themselves.  In fact, that describes much of the BDS movement, doesn’t it?

  10. Carly says:

    Is the co-op going to boycott goods produced by Palestinians or Saudi Arabians as well?  That’s the trouble with these ridiculous boycotts, they always make the co-ops look like hypocrites, which they are.  The same thing happened recently with Lush cosmetics.  They would not open a branch in Israel for similar reasons, and as it turned out they currently have a store in Saudi Arabia.

  11. Larry says:

    TuTu is a bigoted anti-semite.

  12. Beverly Kurtin says:

    Those morons. What the Arabs say about “occupation” is the ENTIRE STATE OF ISRAEL…EVERY SQUARE CENTIMETER. How otherwise intelligent people can accept the BIG LIES that spill out of an Arab’s mouths as easily as their bullets they shoot into the air. Desmond Tutu is a firsts class ass. Moron, actually. EVERY DAMNED ARAB STATE IS APARTHEID AND JUDENFREI. Israel is NOT apartheid, but Tutu hears what he want to hear. I wish him a very shortened life. Alan Dershowitz is one great big mench; him I like and deeply respect. I hope he updates his “Case for Israel” because in its current incarnation, Arafat still is alive. Thank G-d he’s dead; he was the number one impediment to peace. If people want to boycott all things Israel, then they should rid themselves of their laptop computers, if they have stents in any of their arteries, better get ’em out. Why get rid of those items? They were ALL INVENTED IN ISRAEL. The Pentium chip that powers most laptops came from Intel Israel; the cellphone was invented in Israel.  Again, there is no “occupied” land in Israel, ISRAEL itself is what the damned Arabs considered “occupied.”  Any individual or corporation that wishes to boycott Israel should grow like an onion…with its head in the ground.

    1. carol says:

      No it is you who swallows hook line and sinker the awful myths and lies of the Israeli government.  the Palestinians have been very clear and want the illegal occupation b y the Israelis of their land ended.  This is the land they want — back to the pre-1967 borders.  Why dont you take a deep breath and try to find out the truth instead of remaining ignorant.  You are exactly why there is no peace in the middle east and Israel and never will  be until the Palestinians get their own state. 

  13. Zohar1973 says:

    In Ashkelon Kassam rockets are still falling, and they boycott Israel?

  14. Pupster says:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I know one thing: Alan Dershowitz is a crazy buffoon, who throws around the “anti-Semitic” label towards anything anywhere. Just having him pipe up on this issue makes whatever side he’s with a bunch of hosebags.

    1. Right says:

      No, he doesn’t throw the “anti-Semitic label towards anything anywhere” – this is just you trying to deflect the issue. The BDS movement is an inherently bigoted and fascist movement which operates under the guise of humanitarianism.

      Their goal is to demonize, isolate and cripple Israel with the collapse of Israel as a Jewish state being the ultimate goal or as Omar Barghouti (who was educated in a Jewish university – great example of apartheid) says, the goal is to have a “Palestine next to a Palestine” and to achieve this, he calls for the unconditional right of return of the 4 million~ descendents of some 700,000 people to Israel which would ultimately swing the demographic and turn it into yet another Arab state – he makes no secret of this goal. So to make it clear for you, even after the occupation ends and a Palestinian state is established, the vile BDS movement will continue it’s campaign of “collective punishment” (since Israeli critics love that phrase) against Israel until Israel is no more.

      Probably the most detestable aspect of the BDS movement is the fact that they decry any cooperation between Israel and Palestine – including cooperation for peace. Should any Palestinian institution work together with Israel (even on things as trivial as film festivals) then you can rest assured that BDS will be there to attack and pressure them.

      Then of course you have the fact that BDS supporters can be often heard chanting “from the river to the sea” – a popular chant which describes how Palestine will be “liberated” from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean where Jews would be “driven into the sea”, now perhaps the young identity-seeking teens who can be seen chanting this in Melbourne for example don’t know what they’re saying but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re being anti-Semitic unwittingly or not.

  15. Ajsdjasfco says:

    Put it to vote and pro-BDS supporters will loose, because you can equate conservative Israeli government and apartheid

  16. Jay A. Friedman says:

    Fortunately, I live in Israel and while I believe in a two satte solution, equality and all that, I am in favor of boycotts.

    For that reason, I call upon all Americans of whatever persuasion to boycott the Park Slope Co-Op.

  17. You’re right, Babs. It’s much better for the original writer to claim that, as a Jew, Alan Dershowitz should just shut the fuck up.

    As far as I’m concerned, the best advocacy for Palestinians would have been accepting one of the two states offered to them in the past decade. Y’know, for the sake of peace and all that.

  18. James says:

    As someone who experienced S. Africa’s Apartheid, I fully support a boycott of Israel. What has been done in the occupied territories for 44 years now can only be viewed in the context of Apartheid – the Palestinians are denied citizenship because of the “demographic issue” of the Jewish state yet Israel wants the territory and de-facto annexes it by building colonies (settlements) for Jews in those territories.

  19. mike says:

    If it wasn’t so harmful to popular opinion of Israel and the poor people who ACTUALLY suffered apartheid, the label of apartheid would be laughable. There is something that needs to be differentiated, and that is the difference between discrimination and apartheid. Is there discrimination in Israel? Of course. Show me a country on this planet that doesn’t have some form of discrimination. However, is there apartheid? Absolutely not. To quote Benjamin Pogrund: “The difference between Israel and apartheid South Africa can be highlighted at a very human level: Jewish and Arab babies are born in the same delivery room, with the same facilities, attended by the same doctors and nurses, with the mothers recovering in adjoining beds in the same ward.” iWhen I was in Israel, doing a rotation at the Sheba children’s hospital, do you know what I witnessed? Approx 50-80% of all the beds were taken up by PALESTINIAN children, mostly from Gaza. They received the best care, EXACTLY the same as Israeli Arab and Jewish children. How could you possibly label Israel as apartheid when official policy is to treat everyone with the same standards? How can you put that label on Israel when Israeli Arabs have the best rights of basically any average arab in the middle east?? The fact that you decide to single Israel out IS in fact anti-semitism. And its quite disgusting and extremely harmful to any peace process that might unfold. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    In the People’s Republic of Park Slope this kind of behavior is more than expected and politically correct. The Queer leader of the boycott is a through & through Jew hater turning a blind eye to the all out discrimination against & oppression of gays in Hamas controlled Gaza where homosexuality of officially a crime against Islam. An Itallian civil rights leader was murdered in Gaza for just that reason. Women’s rights are trampled on there as well to the extent that even so much as wearing pants is a punishable crime. But in the People’s Republic of Park Slope, the lesbian & women’s rights capital of America, these fact have hardly weigh in as Jew hate trumps ALL!