‘Start-Up’ Is Now ‘Startup’ on Betabeat.com

For the most part, Betabeat follows the New York Times style guide, in keeping with the rest of Observer Media, which is why we hyphenate the word “start-up.” However, after goading from readers and uncountable number of seconds imposing a hyphen where a hyphen does not want to be, the editors have decided to follow popular style going forward. “Start-up” returns 105 million hits on Google to 118 million for “startup,” and it looks stupid in headlines.


  1. Anonymous says:


  2. langer says:

    Seeing how traditionally it’s been the case that hyphenates contract in holy matrimony only when a given word assumes such prevalence in the popular lexicon as to have bestowed upon it its own unitary status and, consequently, societal acceptance (see: “e-mail” and “email”), the only logical implication here is that, basically, we’re all fucked, and that henceforth the lobby at the Ace Hotel is only going to somehow become even more insufferable. All thanks to you, Beta-beat.

    1. langer says:

      also akljhdsflkajshdflkjashdflkjahsdf i just saw you sign your posts with a gpg key now and LOL i think i’m going to have to start calling you commander taco

      1. Anonymous says:

        I was going for John Gruber. BUT MATT LANGER CAN CALL ME WHATEVER HE WANTS <333

    2. Anonymous says:

      HEY, it’s Beta-Beat.

  3. Now I can officially say “Ultra Light Startups” was ahead of its time… ;-)

  4. Avi Flombaum says:

    Easily the best article on betabeat yet.