Stefano Tonchi and David Maupin’s Twins Can Have Their Own Rooms in the Osbourne

The Osbourne's lobby.

Were you concerned that W editor Stefano Tonchi, partner David Maupin and their newborn girls were homeless after reading in The Observer that they had sold their Greenwich Village apartment? Worry no more! City records show that the family has moved uptown,  purchasing an apartment at The Osbourne at 205 West 57th Street.

Messrs. Tonchi and Maupin spared no expense on the home, paying $4.1 million, and there will be space aplenty  for the kids. The twins will be able to have their own rooms if their parents so desire, given the three bedrooms (although floorplans show that the rooms are uneven, so perhaps they will share after all).

In coming years the twins can learn to read in the apartment’s luxe 229-square-foot  library, or, if they so desire, play in the 509-square-foot living room.

For their part, Messrs. Maupin and Tonchi now have a massive dressing room off the master bedroom to house what is sure to be an impressive wardrobe collection between the two of them.

And, in the winter, the family can heat their home the old fashioned way with their six wood-burning fireplaces, according to a listing from Sotheby‘s Nikki Field and Patrica Wheatley. Although it may be a bit drafty with those 15-foot ceilings.