Taste Graphs Agree: Hunch’s Recruitment Video Rocks

Its hard to attract great coding talent in Silicon Alley. Hunch threw together this rocking video. Devs give testimonials about how everyone is so cool and laid back. Hunch’s VP of Engineering Tom Pickney explains that if they weren’t getting paid to come program at Hunch, staffers would probably just be kicking back in a coffee shop somewhere hacking for free. It’s what they love!

The whole thing ends with Pinckney saying that if you work for Hunch you will get to show off you programming ability. Not sure if that means you can throw everything up on GitHub or if Chris Dixon will personally tweet it out when you hammer out some seriously amazing lines code. Hacker fame is certainly a smart carrot to dangle when you can’t compete with Google’s checkbook, but can offer a work environment where individual work won’t be hidden behind a pile of non-disclosure agreements.