The Aspirational Outdoors in Soho


Do you covet a life of luxury in the center of SoHo?

With copious amounts of space?

Both indoor and out?

Is your aesthetic acceptable to decor with a decidedly modern flair?

Want some spectacular views of  The Lower East Side?

How about alliterative bon mots?

Well, if you’re saying yes to all of the above, have we got the place for you!

This $5.25 million, 2,000-square-foot loft on Greene Street between Prince and Spring seems to be a marriage of old-school Soho living (key-in elevator entrance), and contemporary marble and steel design (the kitchen looks like the future, and the master suite has an impressive marble tub).

But the real selling point seems to be the “Penthouse Perfection” that broker Sotheby’s is quick to pitch in the listing, which The Observer is guessing refers to the three outdoor spaces on each floor of the de facto triplex. The well-sized terrace of the main floor—which does look pretty ideal for the entertaining that Sotheby’s so desperately wants prospective buyers to imagine themselves doing—and the small terrace of the master bedroom are both dwarfed by the 800-square-foot roof deck that provides the future homeowner with some pretty unique views of Lower Manhattan, including a clear sightline of the architectural abomination that is “The Blue.”

So, do we have you chomping at the bit to host a barbecue in the middle of SoHo?

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