The Daily Beast’s Seating Apparati Appear Consigned From Lair Of Dr. Evil

If you thought photoshopping a dead royal on the cover of Newsweek to advertise the most offensive foray by a major American magazine into fan fiction was progressive, well, you should see their chairs. 

Just posted on Newsweek/The Daily Beast’s Tumblr: this Instagram’d picture of their view from the 9th Floor, overlooking the Hudson River. Please note the Dr. Evil-esque Bubble Chair in the center, obscuring whichever “Newsbeast” genius is likely huddled within its confines, likely holding an domesticated albino animal (odds heavy on Andrew Sullivan, followed by Tina Brown, followed by Howard Kurtz: the sitter, not the accompanying animal). Take from it whatever insight into their processes you will, but as far as media offices’ seating arrangements are concerned, it is, in this reporter’s experience, impressively unorthodox. | @weareyourfek