Ravi Somaiya, Reporter – New York Times

Likely the only Times star reporter to have also done time in the gulag that is a Gawker night shift, Mr. Somaiya is appropriately dashing and mysterious: tall, British, and with a penchant for opening the darkest of black box narratives. He’s recently been a Times man on the ground in London covering both News International’s public unraveling and achieving a new level of regard within the paper for getting close and personal with the riots that savaged the city. Before, he co-wrote a profile on Wikileaks’ Julian Assange that inflamed tensions between the most notoriously pale/leaky man in the world and the Times. Not afraid of a little trouble, you may have to cross the pond to grab him, but bringing his deviously charming mug and byline back to New York would be a win for us all.