The Wrap Contributor Thinks Depardieu’s Plane Urination is Just Dandy

Gerard Depardieu, in happier times (Getty Images)

Gerard Depardieu, in happier times (Getty Images)

Gerard’s number one! Gerard’s number one!

So believes Richard Stellar, a contributor to The Wrap who, apparently in earnest, believes that French actor Gerard Depardieu’s public urination on a plane is a strike for all of our freedoms. “Depardieu’s urgent need to relieve himself is metaphoric to the basic rights and privileges that are denied to many of us.” (We’d argue that the struggle in Libya is “metaphoric to,” or symbolic of, the basic rights and privileges, etc., but do go on!)

“There is no need to serve alcohol on a plane or in an airport. Yet, it is done en masse, and when the results arise from this commerce, they look the other way.” While it is said that Mr. Depardieu suffers from a medical condition, arguing that public urination is the “result” of drinking lets off the hook that JetBlue urinator as well. “Drunk people should be able to pee when they want; it’s the man’s fault” is rather a tangential rallying cry for an advocate for the rights of elder care to make, especially as not everyone has the right to go wherever they please (and what straw-man is really furious at Mr. Depardieu?). Mr. Stellar notes that he once threatened a flight attendant that he planned to urinate if not allowed to get up on the plane. Leave a stall empty at company parties, Sharon Waxman! :: @DPD_


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