Thomas Dane Gallery Plans Second London Space

Thomas Dane Gallery will christen its new London space with a show by the German painter Albert Oehlen.

London dealer Thomas Dane announced today that he will open a second exhibition space up the street from his current Duke Street gallery in October. The inaugural show there will be a one-person exhibition by German painter Albert Oehlen, who previously showed at the gallery in 2005 and 2008.

The announcement that Mr. Oehlen will be the first artist to show in the new 2,500-square-foot gallery, at 3 Duke Street, comes on the heels of news that the painter had left his longtime New York gallery Luhring Augustine (which had represented his work since the early 1990’s) to show with the Gagosian Gallery.

The Dane Gallery, whose international artists include Steve McQueen, Kelley Walker, Glenn Ligon and Abraham Cruzvillegas, said in a statement that it planned to use the new space for large-scale installations and film and video work. When not being used for exhibitions, it will be open by appointment and used for private viewing.

Mr. Dane started his gallery in 2004, after working as an independent dealer and adviser for 14 years. Earlier this year, he hosted a group exhibition curated by the powerhouse Lower East Side dealer Migeul Abreu.

Thomas Dane Gallery Plans Second London Space