Tim Geithner’s McDonald’s Rejection Letter and Other Pissy Wall Street Infographics

Like so many industries, sentiment on Wall Street can be easily gauged through the reliable and elusive measure that is the nonsense its most foxhole-entrenched lieutenants send each other during the day. If you were ever curious as to how many of them truly view Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and the S & P ratings downgrade, well… Zero Hedge‘s amusingly belligerent visual arts contributor “WilliamBanzai7” is going for broke with today’s Wall Street-themed photoshops that are no doubt going to be widely disseminated around among ennui-ridden finance foot-soldiers today looking for giggles, let alone the two non-Wall Street oriented professionals who already sent these along to us. Some of the better ones?

Tim Geithner’s McDonald’s Rejection Letter:

Geithner’s Soverign Debt Ratings for Dummies:

The Standard and Poor’s ratings models, explained:

And of course, the especially disturbing Photoshop of Tim Geithner as a dog. Because, why not, is why. Note that this one was “on request”:

Can’t say we didn’t warn you with that one. More where those came from here, and no doubt, more to come.

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