Uptown Literary Organization Attempts to Capitalize On Lobster Salad Scandal On Behalf Of Long Dead Poet, Initially Omitting to Credit Media Organization That Already Revived Long Dead Poet’s Poem Related to Lobster Salad Scandal, Or, This Is Just to Say…

Hello again

Hello again

In case you missed it, The Observer published this on Saturday.

This morning, The Observer, as well as, we’re guessing, any number of other New York media outlets, received the following email from the PR team over at the 92nd St Y:

In light of Zabar’s changing the name of lobster salad to “seafare salad,” I thought you might be interested in this audio of William Carlos Williams, as he reads the poem “Seafarer” at 92Y in 1954.

We promptly responded to the Y’s email with a link to our groundbreaking weekend item, and the Y just as promptly sent out to its list a link to our piece. Alas, the link they sent out was not the link we sent them. But you know what 92nd St Y?

We’ve reposted

the link

that was in

our system


and which

you emailed


this morning


Forgive us

it is a masterpiece

so terse

and so timely