W Editor Stefano Tonchi’s $3.277 M. West 12th Sale

tonchi W Editor Stefano Tonchis $3.277 M. West 12th SaleIt looks like W Magazine editor Stefano Tonchi will need a new house to go with his newborn twins. Mr. Tonchi and partner David Maupin have sold their apartment at The Ardea in the West Village, city records show.

Recent listings in the building, located at 31 West 12th Street, shed a bit of light on the sale. Most of the building’s 23 units have three bedrooms with either 1.5  or two baths.  Several have been on the market recently, priced between $1.4 million,and$4 million with Mr. Tonchi’s apartment selling toward the upper end of the spectrum at $3.277 million.

Mr. Tonchi was not the only fashion-conscious owner at The Ardea– famed fashion designer Anna Sui owns three units in the building, purchasing most recently last March.

It appears that the newest owner in the building will fit right in. The buyer, it seems, is Alain Coblence, a French-American lawyer who, when he’s not defending corporate Frenchmen, he’s probably analyzing the happenings at the European Mozart Foundation, where he was president for five years in the nineties or perhaps promoting the work of choreographers through one of the many cultural foundations he assists. Neither Mr. Tonchi nor Mr. Coblence could immediately be reached for comment.



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