Walmart Is Just Like the Park Slope Food Co-op, Says Walmart

Can you tell the difference?

David Freedlander over at our sister site, PolitickerNY, has the latest strategy being used by the world’s biggest retailer to set up shop in the five boroughs: appealing to the BroBos

You like fresh organic fruit. You care about the environment. You care about the hungry.

You want to shop at Walmart.

That’s the message in a new mailer the big-box retailer is sending to New York homes today that seems to imply that the store shares the same values as shoppers at the Park Slope Food Co-Op.

The mailer shows a basket of freshly picked apples where below it is written, “Care about a sustainable future? So does Walmart.” The backside of the mailer touts Walmart’s efforts to reduce hunger.

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