What To Do When Foursquare Adds Your Start-Up’s Key Feature

dens What To Do When Foursquare Adds Your Start Ups Key Feature

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“What if x does it?” is a favorite question among VCs when interviewing entrepreneurs. The x is usually Google or Facebook. Add Foursquare to that list. The start-up scooped Foodspotting by adding pictures, Dealburner by adding instant deals, and this week it scooped Miso, GetGlue and Filmaster by adding event check-ins, including check-ins to movies.

The founder of Filmaster writes:

So, Foursquare introduced event check-ins, including movie theater check-ins. Now you can not only check in to a cinema like to any other building but also check-in to a specific movie in that cinema. The listings are provided by MovieTickets.com.

VentureBeat dooms GetGlue and Miso, popular media check-in apps. As a founder of the first cinema check-in app, Filmaster Mobilemy first reaction was obviously fear. How are we going to compete against that monster?? Then came pride. After all, we did it first and I guess the fact that Foursquare is copying means we did something right. Eventually, I started thinking: how do we benefit from this move? This is what I came up with.

Different goals, different use cases and the quality of recommendations will differentiate the services, the founder, Borys Musielak writes. “I see it now as a chance, not a threat,” he says. “The more people learn that you can actually check-in to single screenings, the harder they will look for alternatives. And this is where Filmaster comes in handy.” Chin up, kids.


  1. When is Foursquare going to acquire Foodspotting already?!

    1. michuk says:

      Why would they? I don’t think it’s Foursquare’s ambition to buy all location-based mobile apps. They just want users to use Foursquare to check-in and get general recommendations. But I might be wrong, of course. Facebook also started with just colleges.