Why Is NASDAQ Sponsoring Aviary’s Photo Hack Day?

nasdaq Why Is NASDAQ Sponsoring Aviarys Photo Hack Day?Aviary, the start-up behind a suite of online editing tools, is never one to shy away from an open API contest or public encouragement to build killer apps, so it’s no surprise they’re coordinating an upcoming Photo Hack Day at General Assembly. What is surprising is that NASDAQ just signed on as a sponsor. “It isn’t often you hear about stock exchanges getting involved with startups, unless it’s to help them IPO,” notes TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid, who seems to be acclimating to the city’s tall buildings. But we think that might be exactly what they’re after.

After all, for years, the NYSE and NASDAQ have competed to be the exchange where tech start-ups go public. Before New York City decided to get into the game, that attention was focused on the Valley. But now that’s we’re lookin’ all bubbly around the edges, it would make sense for NASDAQ to get its brand in front of the future public company owners and align itself early, especially at a hotbed for start-up activity like General Assembly. NASDAQ is even offering up a high-profile prize: the top three apps from the hackathon will be showcased on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square. Your move, NYSE.