Zagat’s Chief Revenue Officer Will Now Try to Make It Rain for MyCityWay

zagat  Zagats Chief Revenue Officer Will Now Try to Make It Rain for MyCityWayThe exodus of corporate types to the start-up world typically focuses on Wall St. or the tech giants like Google, but the fever seems to be going around the Zagat’s offices.

In March, Zagat’s head of mobile headed to WeWork lab’s Consmr and just yesterday, Steve Rowe, its chief revenue officer jumped ship, for local start-up MyCityWay, reports Business Insider. For MyCityWay, the message is clear: time to make the paper. The start-up, which won NYC’s inaugural Big Apps contest, lets users navigate cities with references guides for everything from food, to rents, to traffic. It’s picked up more than 3.5 million activations since launching in 2009.

Zagat’s is no stranger to the tech scene. Tim and Nina Zagat made no. 25 on the Silicon Alley Reporter’s List a decade ago for the “fairly new-to-Net” that “creamed the cyber-only competition.” Seems like they need to step their game up again if they hope to keep their talent.