1. Amybella says:

    I know that it seems like chump change to some people, however, if you are a great writer that can pump out several articles per day and are smart enough to have other sources of income along with it… it really does add up. I see where you are coming from though, but just don’t discourage others that might be new and not understand how fast it really can add up if you put effort into it. Great blog!


  2. Sean McCooe says:

    NOT $2 /WORD nonfiction novellas in electronic ink, magazines mimic boutique models of Byliner, Atavist

  3. Chuclkes says:

    More falling for the digital hype.  Was this written in 1998?  There’s not one sentence on the downside of this “new business model” for publishing. I’m guessing the writer couldn’t think of any. 

  4. I think this is a good idea. (How much for that?)