After Big Funding, The Knives Comes Out for Business Insider

Business Insider announced earlier this week that it had raised a fresh $7 million in venture funding from the likes of IVP and RRE. The site earned investor’s capital by showing impressive growth in terms of both unique visitors and pageviews, even booking a small profit. But a pair of posts from late last night questioned the methods by which the site achieves this enviable traffic. Read More


  1. mbreslin says:

    Although I agree with much of this article as a tech news junkie I really wish you all would spend less time trying to shit on one another and just concentrate on breaking actual news. 

    As for this article and BI here is a the last BI article I’ll ever read:

    I think it represents the worst of what you’re talking about, link baiting headline, clicking through to the article gains you absolutely no information whatsoever. The title should have ended with “no seriously, how big was his stake? We have no idea.”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is BI trying to create it’s own Crunchgate?  Sure sounds like it…

  3. Business Insider says:

    will give you a short code which you need to place in a new blog post. After
    that…it’s a waiting game. Technorati will inform you, via email, whether or
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