Alexander Skarsgard Wraps New York Film, Still Very Tall and Boring

125108164 Alexander Skarsgard Wraps New York Film, Still Very Tall and Boring

Confirmed: Skarsgard is boring. (Photo via Getty)

Alexander Skarsgard was in town? Really? For something other than the Straw Dogs premiere? If the filming for What Maisie Knew was a little more conspicuous, we might have gone down to Chinatown and tried to talk to the True Blood star himself.

As it was, we just happened to stumble into the wrap party for the movie — a Henry James novel adapted by way of The Squid and the Whale that costars Steve Coogan — as it was winding down at a bar near 46th and 10th street last night.

“You just missed Julianne Moore!” one enthusiastically wasted crew member told us.

Ms. Moore is wonderful, but we needed to know: What was Alexander Skarsgard like? With Straw Dogs and Melancholia currently in theaters and two other films (Battleship and Disconnect) on the way in addition to Maisie, Mr. Skarsgard is quickly becoming the Eurotrash Ryan Gosling. He’s everywhere. Except where we were, of course.

So: Was he as uninteresting as that GQ profile made him out to be? (He loves whales, is very tall, and his dad is very big in Sweden.)

“He was really…tall,” confirmed our new best friend. “He seemed kind of boring. I stood next to him.”

Earth to everyone: It’s officially been confirmed that Alexander Skarsgard is a very tall, blonde, bland, banal guy. Who is secretly a vampire model. We guess those homoerotic thrash-metal days are behind him now that he’s a big star.


  1. Guest says:

    Jealous much?  Alex was in NYC to work not be your personal entertainment.  He does plenty to entertain us on the screen.  You want someone a little less boring, go hang out with Paris Hilton.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a VD.

  2. ananta says:

    why are you so rude? just to earn some visits?

  3. Sonny says:

    Also confirmed: Drew Grant must compensate for a small penis.

    1. Drew Grant says:

      It is very small and located somewhere in my vagina.

      1. Another Eurotrash says:

        Oh I see, you’re that kind of  “trash”.  Nice writing, but eh booring. I only read it b/c Alexander Skarsgård was mentioned not b/c of your “writing skills”.  Don’t leave your day job, ha ha just kidding. Bad humour, I learned it from you  – Another “Eurotrash” –  ;”D

      2. Lilly says:

         WOW! And THIS is a very mature and professional response. *insert sarcasm here*

      3. Mariabloody says:

        Lol you deleted MY post! Why, how was it more offensive compared to your bitter meanspirited namecalling “Eurotrash” article which is based on an anonymous drunken outburst/burb?

      4. Mariabloody says:

        Why are you removing my comments AGAIN? Haven’t you heard freedom of speech?! Please explain how are they more offensive or/and derogatory compared to your namecalling, meanspirited eurotrashing article which is based on, let’s say, an anonymous drunken outburst/burb!? I as European and Scandinavian feel insulted too, not only in Alexander Skarsgård’s behalf ;”D

  4. Beckster says:

    You obviously have NO idea what you are talking about.  Some actors prefer not to parade around trying to get press for themselves.  Jealous much?

  5. LBMorrell says:

    Sounds like your quite bitter, and when you don’t get your interview/way, you resort to trashing others. You probably came to the wrap party, unprepared and so late, you ended up missing the top stars of the film you were supposed to interview.

    You could’ve wrote about the concept behind What Maise Knew, or about the acting talent of Moore and Skarsgard, heck, even about how a bitter divorce can turn a childs world upside down, and how a small actress like Onata Aprile can shine through the mess of a messy divorce.

    You did absolutley nothing to prepare for this article, and your writing and lack of professionalism shows.

  6. Guest says:

    Wow so much hate! Probably because your article is as bland as Alexande Skarsgard is according to you.
    Bravo to LBMorell, it’s exactly what I thought when I read your piece of, well I don’t quite know what to call it without being rude.

  7. Guest says:

    “Eurotrash”? I’m sorry, do people here actually use that word anymore? What are you, 50?  Because your writing is the one that is actually banal and boring.

  8. Guest says:

    Boring to the person standing beside him perhaps, because they weren’t worth his time. Go watch  any interview. The man isn’t boring. I’m entertained just looking at him.

  9. Mariabloody says:

    Ha! Eurotrash! Really? Where did that come from? It seems that the writer is some kind of racist or is it ok in US to insult Europeans or Swedes? What has he done to earn such a derogatory artickle in this “respectable” media?

    He seems to be decent guy who doesn’t like to blabber his private life like the teen girls or some attentionseeking reality show stars. He is also very generous and patient with his fans. Is that what you considered boring or is someone paying you for trashing him?

  10. pbt says:

    Well, you accomplished what you wanted from this article. Drew you have now enticed people into bagging your article because of its negative approach. I agree with many of the posters here. Any interview that I have read or seen with Alexander, he is entirely humble, witty and above all a nice person. Unfortunately, I can’t say that for you and your approach to this interview. I know its much easier to “blast” someone with a soundbite “Eurotrash” and “boring”. Kudos, for alienating all the Alexander Skarsgard fans.

    I agree with LBMorrell how about some real reporting and real writing rather than “whining” or appearing that you are “all that”.

  11. Luci Ferno says:

    How would you feel if someone you didn’t know insulted you, called you names and formed an opinion about you based on some random stranger’s comments?  Not very good at all I would assume.  I had the pleasure of meeting Alex at the True Blood premiere and I can say that the only true statement in your article is that he’s really tall, everything else is made up BS.  I suggest you try harder next time so you don’t have to make up stories about people you don’t know.

  12. Michelle says:

    As one professional writer to another, you didn’t honestly think you were going to write something that nasty about a very popular actor and get no reaction, did you? I am a fan of the very tall and so-called boring Skarsgard, and I’ve read the article you referenced and found it interesting and far from boring. He comes across with a decency and humanity we don’t see much of out of Hollywood — and apparently this is boring. If this is boring, more people in Hollywood would do right by their careers to adopt his so-called “boring” life. I respect everything I’ve read about him and find him very likeable — and it is THAT that makes him even more appealing.

  13. Erin Fisher says:

    I think the author is confusing the definitions of “a man raised with class and who enjoys having a private life outside of his chosen profession” and “boring eurotrash.”

    One is Alexander Skarsgård, and the other has no end of examples.

    There are many, many things wrong with Hollywood today- and Mr. Skarsgård is not one of them.

  14. I bet the scribbler of this so called article got more hits and comments than anything else she has ever written before or will ever write thanks to that “tall, bland, booring EUROTRASH! And just judging her writing skills and professionalism here, it seems that she is on top of her career just now.

    Btw, does OBSERVER as  respectable media (or so I tought before I read Grant’s trashy article) stand behind this racist EUROTRASH campaign?

  15. Isanie says:

    Well, it so happens lots of fans think he’s anything but bland and boring… Another jealous guy dishing out sour grapes? Alexander Skarsgard is both beautiful and talented. From what I’ve read and seen so far, he also seems to be a really decent, sweet, man. He deserves better than all the silly critiscism. :0(

  16. MJ44 says:

    I’m not a fan of trash talking a celeb just to get a rise out of fans and gain more traffic to your site.

  17. Stepahnie says:

    He’s actually been in NY filming two different movies for most of the latter half of the summer. His comings and goings have been followed by most of the NY papers and blogs.

  18. Harthit says:

    Obviously this person is jealous of Alex and perturbed they didn`t get to meet him. But resorting to calling him names?! Come on now! And obviously the ‘new best friend’ was too drunk to know whether Alex is boring or not. My guess is that he is NOT. He is a wonderful actor, and from what I’ve read in interviews and seen on talk shows he is a very interesting , intelligent, and funny guy. Not to mention he’s gorgeous as hell and a darn fine actor. Just because he isn’t causing scandals like some so-called celebs we know he’s called boring. Well this person will probably never get an interview with Alex. Maybe he can interview Lindsay or the Kardashians.