Andre Leon Talley's Solitary Suburban Fantasia Involves The Container Store, Planters Peanuts and His S.U.V.

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New York designers, editors and stylists could die if they held their breath, waiting for an invite to Vogue contributing editor Andre Leon Talley’s home in Westchester County. He never has guests, according to his “Dispatch” turn in the Times’ Sunday Review.

“It’s a sanctuary and I want it to be my own personal Ali Baba cave of delight,” he said.

The treasures therein include china and silver from Lena Horne’s estate sale and cupboards “jammed” with porcelain from Paris, linens, and crystal, but he’s never had a dinner or luncheon party.

If one does score the rare invitation (only in summer), he or she will be received on the front porch, with wicker trays found at Pottery Barn, and served iced beverages. There will be “a tray of canapes or Planters peanuts, jelliyied candy from Paris, and a good bottle of Sancerre.”

Among the other pleasures of the suburban life, according to  Mr. Talley, is driving his S.U.V. to The Container Store at the Westchester mall.

“It’s the best place for my new modern luggage, nylon-padded suitcases on three wheels. I also buy lots of storage bins for my at-home office, and at Christmas I splurge on special fancy paper, to wrap Whoopi Goldberg’s presents,” he said.

They do Christmas together, apparently.